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amysue, you're not alone.. I am stalkily all over that DDC, with no excuse other than curiosity (my EDD is solidly mid-month here!).


beans, seconding Carlin--I've definitely seen weak/brittle nails mentioned as something that happens to some people. (I feel like that with my eyes- completely the opposite of what I expected.)


AFM, rough day today.. I slept enough, and ate well yesterday, so why so pukey and weak today? My MW wants me to do a food diary, but I'm really wondering if I have any control over this (how I feel). I know how to make myself feel worse, but I'm doing the things I think should make me feel better and it just doesn't always work. I guess I still need to try going to small meals, maybe with a boiled egg or cheese or something proteiny before bed? Anybody have advice for dealing with ongoing not-so-great days?

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Hi Mamas!


I have been away from the computer for what seems like weeks but am in need of a little love at the moment ( not to mention me time:) ). It is pointless to say life is busy at the moment because with three kids, a farm and a DH who works full-time its almost always busy! But farmers markets have just started up again so I guess it is a little busier :) with two markets a week and all the prep, packing and selling on top of the usual. I have generally been feeling fine (just tired from time to time) but I pushed myself pretty hard this last weekend and ended up with a two day headache. one of those throbbing ones that pushed me to dizziness each time I bent forward (thereby making planting most uncomfortable!). Anyhow I know I having been pushing myself but at the same time I don't know how to get it all done with pushing through. So just now (with 4 kids running around and having planted more potatoes and started to pack up the kitchen because we are starting a much needed reno next week) I went pee and found pinky streaks on the tp... oh man! I hate this! I feel so scared and so trapped between all that is needed from me - this babe and my own mental and physical health, and the needs of my family and our farm. I just don't know how to do it all and where to draw the line.


Thanks for letting me rattle on. The big boys have just made their way back into the house so I need to pull myself away and go tend to life in as calm and gentle a way as I can. While I try not to cry and likely run to the bathroom every 10 minutes.



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Hi Everyone!  a week from tomorrow I have my ultrasound!  I had my first ever nose bleed last night!  It was so weird, I kind of got freaked out, but then read online that it is completely common in pregnancy.  I have also started noticing braxton hicks contractions, I can't remember when I started feeling them with DD.  Still feeling lots of movement which is wonderful.  I just read through my pregnancy journal for DD and I am right at the same weight that I was with her at 18 weeks, if not a little less.  I only gained 18 lbs with DD, so I would at least like to gain that so that my midwife etc don't get worried like they did last time around.

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hyde- have you ever tried coconut water? I've read that it's a very traditional remedy for pg induced m/s.


love bug- that's so scary. I definitely feel pulled in a million directions, but my work is not so physically taxing as yours. Hugs to you -- I hope you get to kick back at some point soon!


I'm still not feeling tons of consistent movement. Come on baby!

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Love bug. . . . .It sounds as if you are running ragged.  I go through a lot of days where I think "WHAT WAS I THINKING???" as I watch my boys try to strangle each other, but usually the moments pass and there are a few good ones to get me back on track.  The combination of being exhausted, fluctuating hormone levels, and major body changes doesn't always combine well with taking care of children, no matter how much you love them.  I hope you can find a way to recharge yourself--sometimes it only takes a little nap, or a book. or a run, or some chocolate.  But you're important too, don't forget it while you're taking care of everyone.  Hugs to you.


We're doing good here.  Ultrasound is on FRIDAY and I'm totally excited.  I STILL think it's a girl, and I'm sure to be disappointed orngtongue.gif but we'll see I guess.  My mother took me maternity shopping with my SIL (she's due 3 weeks after me) and I fell very, very spoiled. Even though I have maternity stuff, there wasn't a lot that is still good, and I'm so sick of it all!!  Baby is starting to kick a bunch, and my uterus, which is tipped (retroverted) has finally come UP so I can feel it.  

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Stealing just a quick moment (the older three are at CCD... I have the computer all to myself!) to try to get a bit of an update in...


Yesterday had a midwife appointment and all is well.  Excellent bp, weight hasn't changed in the least, I'm feeling wonderful movements, etc.. but I did get lectured on running.  The midwife's apprentice really was quite serious about not running because of the dangers of it (she cited stuf she's read where running early in pregnancy can possibly cause placenta previa)... but I really need to look more into things because I'm wondering if these studies were done on more serious distance runners, whereas I'm much more of a casual runner.  Heck, since getting pregnant there hasn't been a week where I ran more than 9.1 miles thus far ;)  Yesterday I wanted to cry.  And this morning I was terribly mopey and completely unmotivated because I was in such a funk.  Yeah, running really *does* mean that much to me.  It's my *happy place*.  It's also a source of pride and accomplishment.  I only started running just over a year ago, having never really run IN MY LIFE.. and so to be able to take this completely unfit body and turn it into a running machine (um, okay.. not really... but I did run a couple of 5Ks last summer!), has made me feel like I really CAN do absolutely anything I set my mind to (this mentality actually started after the birth of dd4 -- lovely birth attended by a midwife ... not in my home, but the midwife's).  So.. I'm in some sort of limbo.  I won't potentially cause damage (or the potential of damage) to my baby just for pride, but at the same time, my mental health is something I really need too.  Sure, I got the thumbs-up for the eliptical, but that does NOT do the same thing for me.  Nor does walking.  Even walking fast.


Oh, and the baby's heartrate was 140... I've read conflicting things online  as to heartrate being fast or slow for boys vs. girls ...  We aren't having an ultrasound, so we won't find out anyway, it's fun to dream.  I'm 18w4d today.  How on earth?!  That's almost 20 weeks!  That's almost halfway!!  Ack!  (yet, on the flipside, I feel like things are d.r.a.g.g.i.n.g. sometimes ;) ).


And now I'm done trying to fight dd4 from pounding on the keyboard.  It seems she thinks I've been on long enough ;)

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Judybean, maybe talk to your midwife about the running thing. Absolutely everything I've read says that running is safe during pregnancy as long as you are staying within your previous activity level, stay well hydrated, and listen to your body. From what I've read the biggest danger is actually injury to you, as looser tendons and ligaments are more prone to injury and leave you a little more suseptable to joint damage. As far as I've seen running is contraindicated if you have placenta previa (which makes sense) but I can't see anything that says it can cause it. I did find a couple studies that shows that higher levels of exercise early in pregnancy can improve placenta growth or vascularization which I suppose could be an issue if you already have placenta previa or a very low lying placenta but it's a big stretch from that to saying that running causes placenta previa. In most cases a bigger, healthier placenta  would be considered a good thing!


Here's what I found, if you want to read them yourself or share with your midwife.


http://mcworthopedics.com/pdf/female-runner-gender-specifics.pdf (The relevent section starts part way down page 481.)


http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15450386 (Just the abstract but it gives a good idea of their conclusions)


http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16165206 (Another abstract, this one looks at the effect of exercise and diet)


www.cebp.nl/vault_public/filesystem/?ID=1793 (This one looks at placental growth and fetal size among other things, and focuses specifically on exercise in early, late or throughout the pregnancy)


Hope that helps a little. You've inspired me to get a little more dedicated to making sure I'm fitting in some regular exercise for the rest of this pregnancy. I've unfortunately found that my hips and pelvis aren't going to let me run but that's no excuse for staying completely sedentary!

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judybean - I agree with Carlin, everything I have heard about running an general activity is that as long as it is along the same lines as your activity level prior to and during conception then you should be all set.  Just trust and listen to your body.  I applaud you for keeping up with it while pregnant  AND with four DDs!  I think it has been almost two weeks since I last exercised (intentionally, I don't count raking and household/work stuff). 


I have noticed my braxton hicks contractions have slowed down today.  I made a major effort to hydrate more today, so I think that is the connection.  Last night they kept waking me up.  Does anyone have any tricks/suggestions to stay hydrated?  Last week I started adding ice and a straw to my water.  Today I added a packet of propel to two water bottles and the "taste" made me guzzle water down.  Any other ideas.  When I used to exercise a ton I was so good about drinking water, but I have slacked off in this pregnancy.  I need to get in the habit since I am sure it will be even easier to get dehydrated when the summer months are here.

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Had my u/s. Tech said everything looks good. I so wanted to cave and find out sex but dh stood firm smile.gif tech thought baby was measuring a week ahead but I am pretty rock solid on dates this time. Only times we Ddt were Dec 12 and 15 so barring a miraculous conception that is our window.
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Anyone doing rrl tea? I'm about to start. I got a box of Yogi "Mother to BE " that is rrl and nettles. Looking around for bulk raspberry leaf but I don't now where is the best place to get it.
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I bought rrl (and peppermint and alfalfa) from bulkherbstore.com for my last pregnancy. They also have a premixed version pregnancy tea available for sale  or the "recipe" is on their website if you want to buy it separately and mix yourself. I drank a ton with DD and had a fairly quick and easy labor. That may or may not have had anything to do with the tea but I'll be drinking it again this time for sure! I started a few weeks ago as soon as the ms subsided but haven't been as consistent as I want to be, partly because my herbs are pretty old now (~2.5 yrs) so I'm not sure they are as effective anymore so I'll be ordering new stuff and partly because I just need to get off my butt and do it. 


Oh, and I like it better cold. I didn't do rrl by itself much but added the alfalfa for general health and peppermint to hide the taste of the alfalfa but it still lingers a bit if I drink it hot. But cold its pretty good, especially with some lemon slices throw in. And its easier to keep for me to drink lots if I keep a pitcher in the fridge ready to go.


I've also ordered other items from mountainroseherbs and have had good service from them but they were out of red raspberry leaf at the time so I can't say anything specifically about that herb.

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MadiMamacita, so glad the US went well! I'm secretly glad your DH stood firm. There aren't very many of us on team green as it is!


I got bulk RRL tea from our local health food store. I think anywhere that sells supplements should have it. I've been drinking pregnancy blend teas that have some RRL in them but now that I'm solidly in the 2nd trimester I'd like to start drinking more of it so I'll be moving on to the bulk stuff in the next few days.

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Carlin -- Thank you so much!  I just have this terrible thought in my head now that something could/will go wrong and now there will totally be a scapegoat (me... and my running).  The mind plays terrible tricks.. and even though whatever bad outcome could have happened *without* any running, I'll never know for sure.  Ugh.  This is really messing with my head and totally setting a lot of fear into me and I'm not liking it at all.  I really do want to keep up with even just a *bit* of running (and I really wanted to run in a 5K in town in a few weeks... well... nine weeks...), but now I might have to just see what I feel comfortable with. Ugh.  ..> but... I really do appreciate the information! ... I think a lot of the jarring motions of running (complicated by a growing belly throwing off the running gait) are concerns too? ... that and I'm friends with my midwife on Facebook, so I couldn't post any runs on there without feeling guilty ;)


Madimamacita -- Glad the ultrasound went well! And, I'm with Carlin on this too... I'm glad you're still on the green team because there really aren't many of us at all ;)  (yes, I'm secretly jealous of all those finding out, but at the same time, happy with our decision *not* to!). ... And, as for RRL tea, I've been drinking it since I hit the second trimester... well, most nights ;)  I'm not super consistent every night, but try to be as much as I can.  I just have a box of RRL tea bags and Nettles tea bags and I toss in a bag of each into a cup of boiling water (from my beloved Le Creuset tea kettle!) and drink with some raw honey.  This after I drink a cup of the  Natural Calm.  Drinking both in the evening (since they require hot water initially anyway), helps me to remember and drink both!  I've heard the rule of 1 in the 1st, 2 in the 2nd, and 3 in the 3rd in regards to how many cups of RRL tea you should drink during pregnancy... anybody else heard of that? abide by that?

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Judy, IMO it sounds like she's overcautious and unless she has any actual studies to share with you to discourage it, I think Carlin's advice is great.  My GF is a very experienced athelete and did all of her normal stuff including runs while PG twice.  Someone here is a crossfitter.  I think you're fine. ;)


I think you have to pay attention to how you feel. Now isn't the time to 'push past the pain' ya know?  Last PG, I did pretty decent weight lifting the whole time and never felt any extra ligament stretch or anything different.  With this PG I still take ballet and last class, jumping was really bothering me.  Things really just felt loose, and I think it exacerbated my round ligament pains I was feeling.



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On another note I've been doing some reading on some of the placenta abnormalities that we found when DD was born. She had a velamentous cord insertion, succenturiate placenta, and a single umbilical artery. Our 20 week ultrasound missed all of these things, and while everything turned out fine, there was a fairly significant risk of vasa previa (blood vessels going across the cervix) that it would have been good to know about prior to delivery. I know there's almost no chance of the same thing happening again, but I'm planning to ask the US tech to take a closer look at the placenta just to be sure. Does anyone know if all of these things should be visible on a normal US? I don't really want to do more than the one ultrasound but if I need to, I guess I will.


The single umbilical artery will for sure be visible on an ultrasound.  I can't believe they missed it last time!  The velamentous cord probably not.  The succenturiate placenta, maybe, but this early I don't know for sure.  I agree, there seems little chance of it happening again!  Those velamentous cords are always a suprise after the birth...We always say "Wow, baby really knew how to be born" because usually the hole in the bag of waters is on the opposite side from where the cord inserted, thus keeping the baby way from causing a bleed.


ILOVEJEFF, I do know Mel Parsons and she is a great person and good MW.  I hope whatever you decide is easy for you and you feel comfortable with!  If it were me, I think I'd probably go over to Seattle and birth with Mel :)



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PS, my due date is Sept 6th and I sometimes stalk the August boards too.  They seem...Just so much more exciting than ours cause they are further along!

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Nukuspot, thank you so much! That helps immensely! Now I have a starting point in discussing this with my midwife and deciding what our next steps are. I generally tend towards doing as little testing as possible but this one has me a little spooked. Now I have to figure out if there's any real need to be concerned or if I'm just being a little paranoid.


That's interesting what you said about the break being opposite the cord. As far as I remember that's exactly what happened with my DD - although we had a slow leak over a number of days so never really had a major break or big gush at any point, I'm pretty sure the break was in the best possible spot to avoid the membranes between the 2 lobes and the cord.


(And I've spent some time stalking August too, even though I'm due Sept 19 and am way more likely to have this baby at the end of September than in August. It's nice to see where we are going next!)

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Judybean, Carlin, and Madimamacita: I'm right there on the green team with you!  This is our first and I'm so curious to find out (mostly for planning purposes I must admit) but I think it'll make a really nice surprise.  I really want to keep our baby-related purchases to a minimum and have a lot of friends who are done having kids and giving away their baby stuff - but it's practically all gender specific and I feel like it's a bit cheeky to hoard it all until the baby's born when someone else could be benefiting from it. So in the meantime I've got a big stash of hand-me-down toys because those really aren't gender specific! We even have a bike/trike haha, I put it in with the other bikes in our (community) parking garage and later walked past with my husband and mentioned that it was ours, he laughed because he didn't believe me and thought I was joking around :)


RRL Tea: I'm drinking it too, we have to buy it at the pharmacy here - strange times.  I think it's pretty bitter and have to force myself to drink it.  I do love nettle tea (Clipper brand) so I drink that practically every day.  Since we're talking tea, Clipper also make a fantastic raspberry tea.  


 AFM, I'm 18w1d and have felt three or four distinct kicks in the last week. Quick, light taps. No champagne bubbles or butterflies though :) My abdominal pulse is very strong and that's basically all I feel if I press on my belly.  Wondering if I have an anterior placenta? My last appt was at 12 weeks, next is at 20 weeks.  I feel like there should have been a 16 week check, but my midwife said that as long as it's less than 10 weeks apart (this early on) it's fine.  20 week scan on the 24th, hope all goes well.  I've packed on about 12-15 lbs!!!! We did just get back from a 5 day holiday where we ate like kings. 

I haven't been that worried about toxoplasmosis and my cat because she only goes outside for a few minutes a day (we have to literally pick her up and force her out the door, then she sits on the step and cries to be let back in).  BUT late last night she made a bid for freedom, couldn't be coaxed in, spent the night in the wild outdoors, and this morning we woke up to half of a mouse on the doorstep.  DH was cleaning it up and found the other half, partially digested, a few feet away.  So I'm off litter box duty, and I'm keeping her away from me and off of our furniture for a couple days while she cleans herself up (I didn't see any visible blood on her but BLECH, and I wouldn't dare try to bath her - that's a death warrant).  Is this overkill?? She's a loner of a cat anyway, so she won't even notice that I'm trying to stay away from her . . . she's just sulking about being locked out of the living and bedrooms. 


I need some advice about co-sleeping arrangements, but I'll post that separately.  Have a great week everyone!



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Judybean- it is official Norwegian recommendations that during pregnancy you walk, jog, bike, or swim *at least* 30 minutes per day, with no upper limit. I asked my doctor about what types of excercise can be dangerous (I was practicing Thai Boxing prior to the pregnancy, and I wasn't sure of if hits to the stomach are a genuine concern or just more body-control of pregnant woman) and while she discouraged me from getting hits to the stomach, she said jumping up and down and intense excercise that you are used to is fine. There are lots of world-class athletes here, and pregnant women continue training ski jumping, long distance skiing, etc. during their pregnancies with no statistical differences in their pregnancies than less active women. Doing what you are used to and feels good is very important. Your happy hormones are good for the fetus, and if jogging makes you feel good it is good for you and the fetus. There are studies that show continuing excercise during the pregnancy gives you an improved birthing experience because you are more fit and stronger.


Last night after yoga the fetus was kicking the heck out of me, I couldn't even fall asleep. It seems extreme for this early in the pregnancy (I'm 19 weeks, 4 days now) but I just don't know what else it could be. I wonder if that means the fetus really liked the practice or really didn't like the practice. It was a backbending practice, so maybe the fetus was getting constricted?


I'm still mostly disinterested in tea. That's my biggest change in eating habits since being pregnant- in my normal life I drank a lot of tea- 3-4 cups of usually oolong during the day and 1-2 cups of herbal tisanes at night. Throughout my vomiting period I wasn't able to drink any tea at all. Now I can enjoy black or oolong tea with soy milk in it in the day (I still don't like it straight like I used to), but at night, I'm still not that interested in herbal tisanes. I have a couple bags of pregnancy tisane, too, that I was so excited to buy in the early days :). I'm going to try the suggestions for brewing it and keeping it in the fridge to drink cold. I'll need to make room in the fridge for that. I've been adding watermelon to my smoothie every morning, and that takes up a lot of space in the fridge! 



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Judybean (and Carson) – I am still really actively doing crossfit and Goin Green is a crossfit trainer.  It’s really intense but I am doing what others have suggested – paying close attention to my body.  It’s great that have found such a love for running!


Miranda and mole – I am so jealous of all this kicking you are feeling.  I think I felt one kick so far at 16 weeks.  Interestingly, mole, it was after I bent really far forward.  I wondered about whether I was constricting too. 


Stalking other boards – I like to check out the Oct board since I am at the end of Sept!  I had DS 3 weeks early though and I suspect I’ll have this one early too, so really, I am firmly in Sept.


AFM- I am just getting over a rough cold.  I feel so exhausted and have had the worst insomnia.  Between that, having to pee so often at night, and my DS that really doesn’t sleep, I sometimes wonder if I get more than a few hours total.  It can’t be good.  We did pushups this morning at the gym and I felt like someone was sitting on my back, I was so very tired and weak.


Oh, and I went to the Dr. earlier in the week.  I have to go in for a blood draw to check thyroid and I still get to wear my heart rate monitor for another week and a half but so far the recordings have shown nothing worrisome, so I am very happy about that!    


And lastly, I love coffee again.   Wow, I missed my coffee.  My cup of decaf tastes as delicious as any regular cup.  I have absolutely no food issues now which is a big relief.  Now I just have to focus on eating better.  I am indulging a tiny bit more than I’d like!

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