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carlin- thanks for that link! good to know. I had no idea there was a connection there.
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welcomeback.gif Monkeykeeper! The 19th seems to be a popular EDD! Although I have no doubt I'll go late, we are due date buddies for now!


Hey there!  Thanks for the welcome :)  I anticipate going late as well...the only one of mine who has come before 41w was induced! We'll have a race to the finish.

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Had my first brush with a belly-toucher yesterday. My mom's sort of weird friend rubbed my belly. boundaries, people!
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Having a weepy day today. Kids fought this morning over who got to go early to church with me (had to run through the music with my MIL who is the organist) dd4 ends up going with me too since she cried at the thought of staying with dh that extra time. There were a few changes that had to be made to songs and I was feeling a bit flustered already and then dd4 pooped. She's been in undies for a while now, but had the pukes a couple nights ago and now it's moved through and affecting the other end of the GI tract :/ ... and church was supposed to start in 15 minutes and I'm trying to clean her up and while pulling off poppy underwear I managed to get it on her dress too! I stepped outside to call dh, but he was just getting to church, so I'm handing dd4 to dh and just start crying and he asks what's wrong and I explain and he asks why I'm crying about it, which just makes me cry *more*.... ugh... I did pull myself together and led the singing just fine.. but... ugh. I think I'm feeling nervous and overwhelmed because dh leaves tomorrow morning early for the entire week. Double ugh.
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