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Pregnant with a Tilted Uterus (and cramping)

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I've heard it is common in about 20% of women to have a tilted or "backwards" uterus.  I didn't know that I had one until this pregnancy (it is my 6th pregnancy, so it must have tilted sometime between).  


I am 9 weeks, 4 days pregnant, and I am definitely experiencing cramping.  I went to the doctor and asked for an ultrasound since I have a history of miscarriage - at the ultrasound, the tech said everything looks good, but I am still very "backward" with my uterus tilting.  Everything I've read says that by about 12 weeks it has to move into the forward facing position and usually does that naturally before then simply because there isn't room for the growing uterus outside of the pelvis when it is leaned backward like that.  


So... I am still tilted backward, and almost 10 weeks.  I know it is early to be concerned about it not having moved "forward" yet, but I'm wondering if it is the reason I am so uncomfortable?  Anyone else with a tilted uterus feel this way?



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This is my first pregnancy and I have a tilted uterus-- I'm now 39 1/2 weeks.  I had HORRIBLE cramping in the beginning!  Like, stop me in my tracks, get down on the floor cramping which stopped around the beginning of my second trimester.  I constantly thought I was going to miscarry.  But, here I am :-)  Anyway, the uterus will tilt forward as soon as the baby/uterus is heavy enough to tip it forward.  Not sure if my cramping was related or not...

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My tilted uterus popped forward by 12 weeks. I don't remember a lot of cramping or anything, but it could be related.  Everyone's a little different.  My main issue with it was not being able to hear the heartbeat until much later.  They wouldn't even try at my 9 week appointment because mine was so tilted back.  I don't think I actually heard the heartbeat at all until past 14 weeks. 

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Thank you ladies!  LilyTiger - they haven't tried to check for the heartbeat with me either, because of it being tilted back so far.  Fortunately we've had two ultrasounds - the first the HB was 125 and the second it was 182. :)  I'm thankful to have that little reassurance, even with the tilted uterus. :)


Today my cramping is a LOT less, and is sometimes gone.  Hopefully it will stay that way!

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I had never considered a correlation, but I have a very retroverted uterus and always have extreme early pregnancy cramping. Interesting.

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I also have a tilted uterus, but never noticed any correlation with cramping.  I don't know I guess cause my uterus has never not been tilted.  i have noticed more of a cramping sensation with this pregnancy than i have with the others - but I don't know.


My uterus stays tilted until I am ready to go into labor.  That's the sign.  When it's comes forward, labor is going to start (like within an hour).  For me, head engages and uterus comes forward.  Of course, that occurs at 43 weeks, but I'm patient.


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Oh wow - i didn't know your uterus COULD stay backward after the first trimester.  I didn't think there was room - usually that means your intestines and everything are in front.  Is that right?

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I am 8 weeks pregnant with my second child. I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. Finally on my first cycle of clomid it worked!  I also have a tilted uterus. I just went to the doctor a few days ago for my first prenatal visit and he did a vaginal ultrasound. He was looking for atleast a minute and was saying that he couldn't find anything. My heart was beating out of my chest... He asked me to move down a bit more and he finally said "oh, I see something!" We were able to see the baby in the sac and the heart beat. He said "boy, you have an extremely tilted uterus!". He said that it will eventually tilt forward since you can't have a baby growing towards your back. He did say that I may notice cramping due to it starting to shift. Guess we'll see at my next ultrasound in 4 weeks! Hoping all is ok...

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