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Thank you *so* much for your support. Can I tell you all how much I you? You are all the greatest, most caring and insightful women.

I have calmed down considerably from before. Dd took a good nap this afternoon, so I had a chance to nap for about an hour, and that did wonders for my outlook on everything. Looking forward to tomorrow. Weather here is supposed to be around 75 and sunny, so hopefully I can get dd to the park in the afternoon.

I too am surprised we haven't had any birth announcements. I am just sure everytime I look here that there will be one. Maybe someone is off birthing right now. Wouldn't that be cool?

I'm so glad you have some meals coming your way! Sounds like some wonderful parents in your area.

I keep thinking today is Friday.

Thanks again Mamas for all your support. I can't tell you how much it means to me.
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sherri this is such a great place to vent, lots of understanding mamas. hope, everything works out for you.
i got very jealous a while ago while i was back home in germany and was talking to a few pregnant friends. over there it's way easier for the hubbies to take time off, paid, of course, when a baby arrives. so their dh's were planning on staying home for a month... : i'm happy if dh gets a week off.

i think db is sitting on a nerv, for the past few days my right thigh keeps getting numb. only when i stand up though. hmm, my friend had this when she was preggers and it took a year before she could feel her leg again. spare me!
i'm going over my birthing plan with my mw tomorrow, hope i didn't forget anything.
we finally moved the furniture around the way we wanted it. ds's got a nice new (used and painted with lots of love) dresser and i'll sort his clothes in tomorrow. babystuff can finally be put away in the old dresser/changer.
i still need to make myself a nursing pillow, i can't find any here that i like and shipping from germany is too expensive.

well, maybe by the time i check this board again tomorrow, one of you will be in labor, keeping my fingers crossed. or else in a couple of days we'll be a true MAYthread..
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Well, I had lots of contractions/cramping yesterday - a bit scary as I'm not quite ready yet and I'm not technically "due" for another 3 weeks. Fortunately things quieted down last night after I laid down and had LOTS of water.

One thing I wanted to ask is I'm having some localized pain - on my left side down by my hip - particularly when I walk. I know babe is pretty low and on my left (most of the time). Could it just be the head in a funny position? I feel like I have to hold my belly when I walk and it's about a 5 block walk to/from the train every day - though TODAY IS MY LAST DAY - so I won't have to worry about that particular walk - but I'd like to continue to walk every day. Anyone else have this? I'm going to ask my mw about it Monday.
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I'm surprised, too, that no one has given birth yet. I *really* liked the comment, though, that it must mean that we and all our babies are really healthy. One of these days, I'll come back to check here and there will be a baby!

I'm having a massage today with my doula (I told dh that he was giving it to me for Mother's Day).

Oh... I found out the ob I don't like had her baby, so obviously, she won't be at my birth. Sounds silly, but it's another sign for me that I'm cleared for take-off.

I'm thinking birthing thoughts for all of us coming up (or who are right there and ready!). Won't be long now...
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Sherri - I'm glad you are feeling better. I too have a hard time asking for or accepting help. But try this next time somebody offers: "You know, dh may have to work when the baby comes and I may just have to take you up on that." I find that it's easier to admit to needing help when it's offered rather than having to go back and ask for it later. Maybe they could help by bringing a meal by or taking dd to the park while you nap or bringing over a few groceries?

I'm hoping the little one cooperates and comes soon!
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pattycakes, i've been having this kinda pain for weeks now. sometimes i have to hold on to furniture when i move around the house...i think, it's normal, my mw wasn't too concerned. she said the baby's head has been very low for a while and that's uncomfortable.
yes, i had another mw appt this am and everything is fine. although she said, the baby is really low and i should start packing . and since ds's head was pretty big, this one might come surprisingly quickly, he paved the way for her, lol. i've had this feeling i'll go early with this one, let's keep our fingers crossed. but there's still a "few" ahead of me on the list, right? so let's get things rolling, mamas!!! go walking, have sex, do whatever it takes, we want some birth stories here!
gotta go, ds is sleeping and i can finally put away the baby's clothes and dipes, o what a fun chore
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I too am heartened by the reminder that all our babies are cooking for a good, healthy amount of time. It makes the waiting a little more bearable.

Had my favorite nurse and favorite nurse midwife at my appointment yesterday. Blood pressure is staying down. Yeh! I seriously considered letting her check my cervix, but decided not to. We both agreed that it wasn't going to tell us anything anyway. The bummer part is that she was on hospital duty last night and today and won't be on again until sometime next week. Waaah. Last night I was thinking it all might happen today, but today naah. This weekend there's a doc on duty whom we've never met (and who I happen to know is being sued by one of the families I used to work for - for birth related stuff aaaah! That will be a hard one to block out). If I make it until Monday the hyper nurse midwife is on duty, plus I'll have her for my Monday appt and will probably have a harder time fending off a cervical check (I"ll be within one day of due date).

I'm pretty tired today, but not as emotional. Yesterday I had a total crying meltdown out of the blue with no one around and nothing in particular to trigger it. Dh was at work, but when he got home I was still pretty mopey. Poor guy, all he can do is pat me and say "are you OK?" He did take me out to dinner when I asked, though (That's a big deal because he hates paying someone else to cook). Here's to our wonderful husbands and partners!
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Hi all-

Still here!

KKmama, good news on the not-so-wanted OB being off for your birth. I know every little thing is a weight off your mind.

But MorningDove, I'm sorry you have possible OB/mw woes! I hope things work out and the good mw is on call when you go into labor. Not that I wish you to go late, but...it might be worth it!

I am having some strange symptoms today. I have amazingly icky intestinal cramps and constant nausea, but no, ahem, results. I even started crying during one "spasm," it was so bad - completely involuntary. I have been writhing on the couch trying to get comfortable and get a nap. My dh is so trying to be helpful, but I can tell he is bewildered. To tell the truth, I am too...I thought maybe this was a labor precursor, and I'd have a nice bout of diarrhea and then start contractions, but nothing yet. And it all started this morning about 4 a.m. when I woke up and ate a small bowl of cereal. Didn't eat much else all day but just choked down some homemade soup so I'd have something in me. I haven't any nausea, etc. recently, so this is new and weird. Oh, and I had a relatively normal bm this morning after the cereal, so I'm not constipated, either. Anybody have any ideas what this could be, or have this experience anytime close to labor??

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Hi everyone! Boy, such exciting tension going on huh? I had a bit of excitement myself today at my midwife appt. She said I was 2 cm dialated, 50% effaced, and everything was real soft and ready! she said she would be surprised if I made a whole month (I am due 23rd). Probably won't be this coming week, (which is good, I am having my shower next Saturday, and she will be out of town!), but after that, anytime, she wouldn't be surprised if I called her!
I also did a beta strep test, will get results next week, most likely will be positive since last I was. Have any of you been positive once and negative the second time??
She did say my BP was borderline, doesn't want it to go any higher, need to kick back more, do less (yeah right!) I WILL try! DH is getting onto me about running around so much.
Anyway, other than that, all is well and ready (she said she could feel the baby's head! exciting!) Just waiting for one of you to pop so the birth stories will start coming in! Good luck!!
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Okay, so I was going to go to bed...but I got caught here! :LOL
I saw my OB this morning and she told me my GBS test was negative (yay!) and so now...we're just waiting!
Yesterday my MIL took me for one last shopping trip so I could get a baby monitor and a Diaper Champ, among other things ( I just can't HELP myself when I'm getting things for babies! I even want to get things for FRIEND'S babies. I'm awful. I feel good that I've mostly restrained from getting really unnecessary stuff though (but the things relatives gave me!! Whoo!), and we are borrowing a swing and a cradle, but I have a weakness for the little hats. I'm bad). I also got some nursing pads, lanolin, breastmilk bags (just in case I decide to pump a bit later, when I have to work in the evenings and such...) so I think I'm set.
And so, after we set up the mobile in the crib...that's it! Until I find something else I need to do...I bought a plain white lamp so I want to use fabric paint on the shade. So okay, there's a few more nursery-type things to do...but his clothes are all washed and put away and wow!
I did a LOT of laundry today so now I feel I can finish packing for the hospital.
I also got a prenatal massage this afternoon and though she worked me quite hard, it felt really good! I'm a bit sore now though.
I get so many BH's, when I walk around too much, when I exert myself in any way...I know it's all normal but goodness! *sigh*
Darling husband said my stomach felt like a rock this afternoon. Heh.
My ankles have been swelling a lot too.
This evening my DH and I went to the grocery store and got some stuff to make and possibly freeze (and also some ready-made, easy meals too) and well, yeah! I can't believe I am just waiting for this baby to come!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and beginning of MAY! Our month!! The weather is beautiful out here and we're celebrating Beltaine tomorrow!
Also looking forward to Yoga tomorrow.
Sweet dreams.
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Okay, pg insomnia...

Was thinking of starting a new thread for us, but maybe we should wait and do one in honor of the first new baby? On the other hand, the 1st mom might feel a little too exhilerated/tired to have to do all that herself... If no baby by say Sunday afternoon, I guess I'll just do it (to try to lure a baby out...). It would be nice to have all the babies on one thread, but I guess the next thread is going to get really long, so maybe that's unrealistic...

Still thinking good blood pressure thoughts and labor thoughts to those who need them...

Renae, I had a massage yesterday (Friday), too. I asked her to squeeze all the liquid out of me (sounds gross, I know). But it really worked (I felt smaller and peed a whole bunch), and it felt so good. I don't know how accurate this is, but I was ~4 lbs lighter on the scale the next morning!

Hey Sarah, I've been having some mild nausea off and on too. And feeling like maybe diarrhea would happen and labor would set in... I hope it means something for both of us... I've never been to labor land, myself.

Hear, hear to thoughtful partners... dh has been part of my late pregnancy survival program.

I did a session of acupuncture today. I don't know if this makes any sense, but my BH contrax have been much more "organized" since... I can really tell that some are "productive" (the ones that I feel in my cervical area, or lower back, or thighs), and some are "unproductive" (the just belly-tightening ones), and they've been much more productive this afternoon and evening.

I feel a little silly doing acupuncture for labor at just over 39 weeks, but I'm definitely "aware" that this practice is going to at least watch me very, very closely after I pass my due date. I went 2 1/2 wks late with ds, but he was also so badly positioned (and I swear that head neve made contact with anything even near my cervix ). Everything has felt so different in this pregnancy (I'm actually really enjoying that, even the waddle from having a head down low--never felt it before, and it just seems "neat" now), and I have confidence in my body. Still, I'm pretty cautious by nature, and I feel like slowly and gently trying to help nature along can't hurt.

I have no idea where my breast pump is. I think it may have gotten repacked into an unlabeled (and as yet not unpacked) box during our moving saga. I remember how nice it was to have around in the early days (baby sleeps a little extra, mom gets engorged, uses pump to relieve pressure, starts stockpiling liquid gold... ). Otherwise, I think I'm ready.
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Just a quick "happy May," May mamas2be.

Now if only I felt like smiling this morning ...

How're you all doing?

New thread for first baby or new thread for May? I vote for May. We should have a separate baby check-in thread, doncha think?
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I vote for a new May thread too...
But whatever works is all good with me!
I am SO READY to have this baby, you guys!! And I'm not technically due till the 19th (but I'm going on 38 weeks soon!) but my DH and I have been hoping for stuff to happen soon! :LOL
I had some sort of weird "false alarm" yesterday. LOTS of BH, I think, and I felt all weird, just off, and I was actually HOPING that this was it by the end of the night!
No dice. Oh well. A Beltane baby would have been awesome.
Anyway, still hanging in there, hope you all are well!
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New May thread gets my vote. A separate thread for births would be a great idea, I think. That way, we can just go to that thread to look at the birth stories, etc. without having to weed through all the other posts.

I *definitely* think we'll have a baby on this thread by May 4th. That is the day of the full moon. Anyone think of that yet? could happen! It's in its complete full-ness at 8:33 pm (if I read the chart right). We'll see.

I think another mama mentioned vomiting and diarrhea as a labor precursor. Was it phishmama (Julie)? Where is she, anyway? I think she mentioned some v&d last week. Maybe she's off birthing! *crossing fingers for her*

As for me, I have an appt. tomorrow morning. I've had a miserable cold all weekend. Yesterday I felt terrible. Today I'm feeling much better. You'd think with all the coughing/blowing my nose I'd just squirt this baby right out! :LOL:

gonna go catch some zzzzz's while dd is sleeping. Hope you all are feeling well!
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