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bedrest forcing me to put dd in school

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Hi mamas! I am 28 weeks and in my 2nd week of hospital bedrest.
(I have preeclampsia but had full blown HELLP w dd). I have to put dd
in school to facilitate caregiving and b/ci do the hs'ing. She went to this
school for kg so its not entirely new but i am worried. I feel i need to just
Let go of my philosophical oppositions to traditional schooling for now
We can always go back to hs'ing. I really am thinking of it as daycare (at best).

I guess i am looking for ideas to help ease this transition (for her mostly)
And maybe some of you have had this experience?
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What grade is she in?


At this time of year I would be inclined to just drop schooling and think of it as summer break coming early.  I know that wouldn't work for everyone, and I am not judging your decision.  However, I am just saying that I wouldn't worry about the "schooling" side of it all; like you said, you are thinking of this more as childcare anyways.  


So, without knowing if your child had actual problems at this school, I don't know how I would approach the re-entry.  However, I would make sure I was prepared for the possibility that she doesn't want to return to homeschool in the fall.  With only a couple months left of school (and all the end of year fun stuff) it may be that she has a grand time.



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i agree with amy.

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Thnx mamas. Problem is i am hospitslized so the childcare aspect is bc noone csn care for her all day everyday bc they all work. I've tried to prepare her to just do her best and not worry. She will know some kids so that will help. I'm a bit worried she will repeat things she has saif about school like "its boring and doesnt challenge me" or "mama says there is really only about 45 minutes of real instruction in a schoolday"....she's said these to unsupportive family before.

She starts Monday so we'll see.
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I just did this -- I was pregnant with #4 and very sick.  I just didn't see how I could make it all happen.  Even with the kids in school all day, I struggled through this last pregnancy. 


The kids started last Fall and will finish out this school year.  There have been ups and downs.  The school schedule and busy work confuse them and there was a huge adjustment to the behavior issues in the classroom.  


Ideas?  I don't know really.  For us, it has been a lot of 'one day at a time' and just going slow.  We have been able to walk or ride bikes to school and that helps a lot.  We stay after school and play on the playground with friends.  This helps us so much!  My kids say this is the best part of the day since they are not allowed to talk in class or at lunchtime.  The after school play time is a terrific opportunity to talk and just hang out with their friends.  


Our evenings and weekends are very focused on family and healing the aches and pains of school.  I was not prepared for the emotional charge of the school day.  Not a week goes by without one of my children coming home crying.  The school environment is so super charged with pressure and anxiety.  My kids seem so frazzled some days.  We do a lot of quiet time reading with soft music and candles, hot baths, gentle talks in the big, comfy chair with mom.  


I suppose I try to make home a real retreat from the rest of the day.  My baby has been born and I am feeling stronger, so I have more energy to focus on the bigger kids and make a special effort for them.  


And I do think we will go back to homeschooling next Fall.  School is just too much stress and work in return for worksheets and a curriculum that caters to the state tests.  

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Thnx for your reply ruthiegirl! I sm hoping that in the short term she finds the change of pace
at grandparents houses to be a retreat ...and hopefully not more stressful since i can't be home
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I hope it all goes well!

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