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Best juicer

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Hi everyone.


I'd like to start making my own juices and green smoothies. I plan to add a lot of leafy greens, so I need something sturdy that won't clog with all of the fiber.


I'm not concerned about the cost (within reason, of course...I don't need a $1000 juicer).


Recs would be appreciated. Tell me what you like or don't like about yours.


Thanks. :)

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We LOVE our Blendtec Blender for green smoothies, homemade hummus, soups, applesauce, etc. I would HIGHLY recommend a good quality blender, like a Blendtec or a Vitamix for green smoothies. We also do whole juices, like carrot/apple/kale juice with our Blendtec.


I've heard from friends that if you want to juice a lot of greens, the very best is the Green Star.


In her book, Crazy Sexy Diet, Kris Carr has a section of the pros and cons of the best juicers on the market. It's a very popular book, so you could definitely find it at the library, at a used book store, or on amazon. She also has a lot of good info on green smoothies and juices.

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Are there any good juicers and blenders that don't cost 400-500 dollars? Ones that will still masticate greens decently? I get that a Vitamix et. al will be a good investment but those are way out of my budget for now.

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Bump. More recs?

Oh and thanks for the rec HappyWoman. Will check it out.

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We are searching for a juicer too (and just bought a new blender for smoothies), and my husband's exhaustive research yielded these results, that get excellent reviews:





I'll add more as he keeps looking - he's probably going to order one tonight!

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OK, DH went ahead and ordered this one:


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I'm leaning strongly towards this one:




Looks promising.

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Originally Posted by tygrss View Post

I'm leaning strongly towards this one:




Looks promising.

I bought the above juicer yesterday. I've used it twice and so far love it! It has handled everything that I put into it, including leafy greens, like a pro. It has a high yield of juice and the pulp comes out really dry.

My oldest son loves it (4 y/o). Still working on the littlest one (2 y/o). Maybe I'll make him plain apple juice, then slowly add in other things.

Anyhow, really nice vertical masticating juicer. I was able to get it from Bed Bath & Beyond, which is even better because I was able to actually see it before purchasing.

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