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VBA2C providers in or near Springfield, Oregon

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Hi, I have an acquaintance who is hoping to plan a VBA2C for this coming June but she is very unsure how to go about it, and really needs some information, resources and people in her area who can answer questions. She has tried contacting several local OB's and none have been supportive of her plans, some have even laughed at her, which sparks my anger and I want desperately to help her. If anyone knows of a supportive OB, midwife, or practice in the Springfield area that works with insurance (she is not able to pay out of pocket) I'd be glad to put her in touch with you to get the ball rolling. PLEASE, either post here or PM me asap. THANKS!!

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There are several homebirth midwives in the Eugene/Springfield area, both state licensed and not, who are supportive of and attend VBA2C. There is NOT an OB in the area that will help her. I am an hour south but have been working with midwives in that area for the last year and have learned the ins and outs.

There is one freestanding birth center run by a midwife in the area but state regs will not allow her to attend after 2 c's at the center, only at home. Depending on her insurance situation The licensed midwives may be able to bill some/all of the fee, but it is complicated so she would have to talk to each midwife about that. If she is on state managed care there is no way, if that is the case and she really wants a vaginal birth she will have to find a way to pay a midwives fee.


Here are a few names I pull off the top of my head that she may want to call

Sacred Waters Birthing Center-Anita Rojas and Erin Lusk www.sacredwatersbirth.com

Flower of life midwifery- Amanda Moore  http://www.floweroflifemidwifery.com/

Ten moons rising - Elise Hanson http://www.tenmoonsmidwifery.com/

Labor of Love Midwifery Services- Carla Viles, DEM Phone: (541) 688-7116


Hope this helps!


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Lisa, thank you so much, all of this info helps. I feel terrible for her that there aren't any OB's because I'm thinking, based on what's she's told me, that medical assistance may be involved and she's not able to pay out of pocket. She hasn't spelled that out but it seems likely. I'm hoping one of the midwives you mentioned might be able to work with her to offer a payment scale or plan so she can avoid being cattle-herded  into a terrible experience again. I also referred her to the Bradley Method, but again, without the ability to pay out of pocket that is another unattainable resource. Sad that people with assistance don't have access to some of their best options! 


Thank you again!!

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You are welcome. I hope so too. I know that sometimes payment plans can work out for those who even thought they never could do it. Our State medical plan will pay but you have to really be planning ahead of time and wait until third trimester to apply. It is a round about way. they dont pay well either so you often have to pay for prenatal care up to that point yourself. there are OBs that will say to the right person that they believe she can have a vaginal birth just fine but after 2 c's the malpractice just ont allow it. We currently have the ability to have midwives in this state that can attend who ever they feel is good about attending.


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It's very unfortunate, that sounds a lot like Maryland (where I live). I'm a mom of 3, soon to be 4, boys. My 4th is due April 18th, and even though my C/S was in 2001 and I've had uncomplicated VBAC births since then, I can't get any OB or hospital to comply with natural birth. They ALL insist on constant monitoring, IV, remaining in the bed, no water birth or tub use, etc. It's maddening. I'm a grown woman, my babies and I have all been healthy and never had any complications, so when they start forcing things on me I get very agitated. I've even been forced to drive for an hour and a half to a birth center out of state to deliver this baby. Then I hear from this girl who is having OB's literally laugh at her because she wants a fair shot at a VBAC birth and I feel rage!! I was steps away from asking for the doctors names so I could write letters to the Joint Commission to have them investigated. I can't stand how fear of lawsuits dictates use of scare tactics and antiquated protocol in hospitals today, rather than fear of causing pain, suffering and greater risk of complications for laboring women and their babies giving hospitals pause to actually assess the need for all of these interventions..


Well, I've had my rant I suppose, but until something happens in my state (and yours too, it sounds like) to change the way things are for expectant parents, I imagine I'll be ranting quite a bit! Anyway, thanks again, and I'll post an update when I hear from her. Hopefully good news!

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She could call Growing Family Birth Center at 541-259-2500. www.growingfamilybirthcenter.com


Also, we are able to bill the Oregon Health Plan.

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Thank you very much, I will pass along that info to her! I appreciate your help :)

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