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The only exercise I got in the last couple of days was playing a Kinect game with my ds. Tonight, I have my 1 1/2 hours of full gear hockey classes and tomorrow I have stick time so I'll make up for that.  I am worried about the late night snacking though. My dh and dd are out of town and after my ds goes to bed, I'm up looking for something to snack on.

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150.4 Finished Week 2 of C25K. Sorry for the late check in 

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I just saw this. She is one of ours.




Sending prayers to you, Adaline's Mama.

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Oh heavens.  That is awful.  Thanks for letting us know Christine.  


Adaline's Mama, you're in my thoughts.  

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Oh no. That is so terrible. Holding you and your family in my thoughts and prayers AM. 



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Tracylee - southbeach is pro-eggs for sure (I am allergic to them though, so that is a no go for me!).  I agree that SB is hard to stick to and a lot of food prep, but I have used their phase one as a sugar-detox periodically and been very happy with it in that context.  Doing the work for a couple weeks once or twice a year is worth it to me to keep the sugar cravings at bay.  Also, one of the other ladies on this thread (sorry, drawing a blank on the name!) said that drinking water can help with sweet cravings, and that has been helping me alot lately.

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condolences to Adaline's mom. that's awful. makes everything else pale in comparison.




my trivial news is that i binged today, basically. nothing god awful. but i grilled hot dogs for the kids and ate one too. that's the first time since, like november. i have mentioned on the other thread that i've been dieting since november. i have lost about 43 pounds, and am trying for the last 7 to make it an even 50. i am already down to a decent weight. but trying for that "vanity weight." and it is TOUGH.


(for reference, i started at 187 in november and am now at 144. i'm 5'6 1/2".


i have been so strict on (not) eating. today i went off that. i ate a little bit of Easter candy too. 


maybe just maybe i will reset my metabolism by going "off" the diet for just one day. 


maybe maybe??


i will keep you posted.


in any event, i will update again tomorrow.

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Thank you for posting that, christinelin. How heartbreaking. 


For those contemplating South Beach (or other versions of low-carb/sugar), I really like http://www.kalynskitchen.com/ for easy food prep and recipe ideas. I happened to find her when looking for GF blogs (she happens to be GF also), and since I really liked SB, have used lots of her ideas for my own food creations. Also, SB doesn't really go into this, but all those artificial sweeteners still trigger blood sugar/pancreas reactions and can cause some other problems. Stevia and xylitol are great low/no-cal natural sweeteners you can use instead. (the chemical kind can be scary--Splenda/sucralose causes seizures for me, and aspartame does the same for my BFF.) /soapbox ;)


My right calf is still pretty sore today, so even though it's my run day, I think I'll wait and hope that it's not raining tomorrow evening when dh gets back from a business trip so I can pick it back up. I think I'll try a video workout this evening to keep some activity going, though.

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I am so sorry to read of Adaline's Mama loss.  Loss is always hard but much more so with a little one.


Need to get some sleep.  Been just exhausted the last few days.  AF is over and I should be on the up and up.

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All of this seems so trivial since I read about Adaline's Mama this morning.  Ugh.  


Nothing much to report here, things are still going along as planned, and my Easter splurge doesn't seem to have done any real damage.  Tropicana, I reckon that you could do with a "reset"! 

I have found that has worked for me to get past a plateau.  Not "eat a mountain of junk" but something like pasta and garlic bread, which I have really been skipping lately.  


I've been thinking of trying to find a boxing class or something to do once a week to kick the activity up a bit, and my arms could do with a bit of love, no doubt! 

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I am pretty excited becuase I finally started C25K this week.  Now I just have to stick with it . . . getting up in the morning before the kids is SO hard as my youngest's sleep issues mean I never get more than an hour of sleep in a row (She is up 6 to 9 times per night, EVERY night and has been on this pattern since october.  Undergoing lots of tests, it has been a bear!).  Due for w1d3 today . . .

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I have been so good for so many weeks in a row (and months - I started this all October 1st). Last night I was really craving anything that was not good. I held strong and resisted but I have given myself permission to do whatever I want to do today. We are going to a party tonight and I am bringing the cake and I will eat some. It feels like my sanity needs this even though it might delay me from the "under 200 club" just a bit longer.

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I haven't started wk3 of C25K yet as it's been raining here and I have been up to my eyeballs in homework. I did do a cardio burn workout today. Man my legs are tight I think I need to do some more yoga to balance out the muscle tightening that is occurring with the running. I stretch but I guess not enough. I'm not feeling so well today and I'm up a lb from yesterday what's up with that? I feel a bit swollen and bloated so maybe it's just water. I got under 150 last week but I didn't stay there. I need to crack back down on the eating I had jelly beans and 2 glasses of wine yesterday. No more candy. I also haven't been eating first thing in the morning and I think that is key to my keeping on track and keeping my metabolism up.


I went and said my condolences to Adaline's Mama. It just makes my heart hurt to think about it. 

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I was really good today.  Students I sponsor at school were having a bake sale.  I saved money and didn't cave to the delicious cinnamon rolls that were there.  The other things didn't look yummy at all.  Helped DH fix the wax ring on the toilet tonight.  What a job.  The last person who did it, didn't use the right kind of toilet attachment bolts.  Argh.  Oh, and the furnace has decided not to kick on.  Called the fixit man but waiting for tomorrow to have him visit since we can put up with it being 63 degrees and not paying twice the service call.

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Ate some cake and ice cream yesterday. Woke up this morning and did a 13.5 mile bike ride, crunches, weights. Feeling good!

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Rock on Claybear! 

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That's commitment, claybear! WTG!


Milk, I hear you on the upper body/arms! I was making some progress a couple weeks ago, but then developed bursitis in my R shoulder. It's just about gone now, so hopefully I can ease back into it. Boxing would be awesome for your back and abs, too. ;)


Barefootmama, how are you liking C25K so far? Did you get out to finish up week1?


Nillarilla, how about you? Did the rain ever stop and let you get out and run?


How are all the other C25K'ers??


I had a great run tonight (C25K w7d1): 2.5mi in 30 min (so just under 12-min/mi pace...slow, lol). It was a perfect temp--71*F, sunset, and flowers are in bloom everywhere & the scents made for an extra-enjoyable run. I hadn't run since Monday, when I developed a sore R calf muscle, so took a couple days off (didn't even do the workout video the other day), and was good as new today. :) 


Did I say anything here about having entered a Mother's Day 5K--my first 5K in over 5 years? If not, I did now. I'm excited, especially after how great tonight's run felt.

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back on the diet. this morning i weighed 145.2, down from 147 the day before. here's hoping that i can drop another 2 pounds tomorrow and push me off the previous plateau point of 144. maybe just maybe my metabolism has been reset? 


next time i will try it with pasta and garlic bread, instead of jelly beans and a hot dog.


damn, that was scary. still is scary, really. how darn quickly the weight comes back on is astounding. took 3 weeks to lose 3 pounds and then it was all back on in the course of "overeating" / "normal eating" in 1 day. (hot dog with bun, piece of bread, 6 pretzel sticks and handful of candy.)



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Just finished week 1 of C25K - off to hit the shower, and then maybe look for a race to sign up for to keep me motivated!!  I heart running!  I really missed this!

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