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Video surveillance

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Hello everyone!

I'm not actually sure that what I'm about to ask fits here but I honestly searched for the answer and haven't found one so far. So please bare with me. What I want to ask is as follows: my hubby and I figured we wanted to deploy surveillance for home security. We don't want to engage professionals for I believe it's not that difficult to do ourselves. Have you done it? Maybe you know people who did? tell me about that please. Thanks in advance!

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Do you mean a security camera outside your home or video taping within your home?  Be careful about how you proceed.  In some states it is flatly illegal to video tape people (such as employees/nannies/housecleaners/etc) without their express awareness and consent.  You might want to call around to a legal office in your area for location specific advice. 

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Cameras are very easy to install.  Check with your local PD about locations though.  My friend has cameras on all sides of her house and the police actually came and helped her position them.  

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