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So my body is attempting to cycle and I had a temp rise 2 days ago and had some hot steamy sex with DH the day before said temp rise. Now is the waiting game to see if I did get pregnant or if I didn't. With my last kid regardless of when we had sex, if I was nursing him I wasn't going to get pregnant. Is that likely to be the case again? I am still seriously nursing my 2nd babe who will be a year later this month.

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Nursing suppresses ovulation, but once you've ovulated, it doesn't really provide any additional protection. So I think you pretty much just got lucky last time. wink1.gif Good luck!
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so now what do you think the likelihood is that I could be pregnant? oh the waiting drives me crazy

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"Trying" gives a success rate of about 20% from what I've heard.  So assuming you did ovulate I'm going with that 20% number.

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