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Keifer grains? Safe?

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So my Uncle got some of these grains that originated in the middle east.  He swears by them, has more energy, less stress, is healthier since he started drinking the keifer milk that he makes from the grains.  I know it has lots of probotics in it, so if you start small it should be ok (in my mind similar to yogart).  I'm wondering if anyone else has heard of this or knows if it is safe for people growing people?


Does anyone have any information on this at all?  I looked on line and it looks fine.  I'm not normally so cautions but I've never tried it before, so...


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They are definitely a great source of probiotics! 


I'm wondering though, if they are like Kamboucha - if you're not used to drinking them, then they can stir up some toxins, shift your balance of yeast/bacteria and cause some die-off? 


I used to drink them, and yes they are great. I don't have any grains right now though. Don't now how to start off while pregnant - I would guess slowly though, in case it does cause some die-off?


Maybe some other ladies are more kefir knowledgable than me. Also over on the traditional foods forum, there are definitely many "experts" on kefir that could share some info (and there are already threads) in case you don't get replies here.


Sounds amazing that you have access to some great grains!

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My whole family drinks kefir every day. I'd start very slowly, a teaspoon a day and slowly work your way up. Kombucha isn't good to start while pg because it mobilizes metals. I believe kefir is different. There is a great Facebook group called I love kefir. It would be a great place to ask questions, lots of knowledge. We will actually be putting water kefir on my chest after baby is born in order to help build up good bacteria from the get go. Kefir rocks.
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Thanks!!  I started with well, about a regular shot glass full a day so a few Tablespoons. 

Thanks for the info, I'm going to look into the facebook group!!  I have lots of yummy recipies for when we are drinking more a day, until then I plan on adding small amounts to our fruit smoothies (SSHHHH don't tell DH!!)

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