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I am so excited for you. What a fantasitc day this is!!!! Yipeee!!!!
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When I woke up this morning I was positive I did not pee on myself lol I got up to go to the bathroom, then laid back down with dry undies on, got up about 25 mins later to see if all stopped, and of course it didn't. I had to change again so I assumed my water broke.

I get to the hospital around 7:30 and they said there is no amniotic fluid. Is it normal to stop like that? I was also having ctx about 5-7 mins apart, but I couldn't really feel them (couldn't really feel them with my first either). It was just a dull achey feeling, like menstrual cramps.

Its a blessing they sent me home. For one, I am strep b pos, which my doc did not tell me so I haven't read up on it at all - I know practically nothing about it.

Also, I could tell it was going to be a real fight to explain that I'd rather be monitored if the baby isn't born in 24 hours than be induced. An induction is the last thing I want - a friends cousin just had a baby yesterday - she was 4 wks early but the docs said her baby was 8lbs, they had to induce. She stalled at 4 cm and ended up with a csection - to deliver a 6 lb baby! Lets hope when my water is leaking again that I'm at 7+ cm already lol

So, I'm just waiting it out again. Maybe there's still time to get ahold of that midwife.....
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If you don't want an induction, don't let them start an IV. They can easily slip pitocin into that. They say you have to fill out consent forms for induction, but if labor is already started it's considered "augmentation" which does not need consent.
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There is a simple, effective way to prevent infection:

NOTHING in the vagina. (NO EXAMS!) No baths, either. Simply monitor your temperature every hour or two to make sure you're not getting a fever.

Women can go for a week or two with ruptured membranes and never get infected. As long as you monitor your body temp, it's fine.
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We're going to see a midwife tomorrow. She's a CNM delivering at a hospital. Its kind of scary just switching this late in the game, but even the comfort of having someone non-intervention minded delivering and who will at least be willing to listen to what I want will be helpful during labor. I don't want to be worrying about what uneccessary procedure the doctor is going to want to perform next.

Would you say its a bad move just switching over to a midwife without first meeting her? It really makes me nervous, but so does the idea of sticking with the docs I have now :

What are some specific questions I need to ask when I meet her tomorrow? Do you think going over my list of "birth preferences" will be enough?

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