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Whose showing already?

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I was just curious if any of you guys are showing yet?  I came clean at work yesterday to some folks who had suspicions because my belly is already poking out!  I am not even 9 weeks.  Of course then came the inevitable comments "It could be twins or triplets."  Since I just had a baby in last February I am going with my stomach has a good memorywinky.gif

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belly is definitely poking out here. 9 and a half weeks. 

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I'm showing a little bit in the morning but after dinner I'm definitely showing.

Obviously that's just bloat and whatever but it's pretty noticeable.


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I am definitely showing.. All day long, I like to think it is just after I eat (I eat all day), but nope, its just really round and thick... thank god I live in seattle where I can hide it with a scarf, cardigan, etc. I am only 9 weeks as well.  

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Not me, I'm too fat LOL. But I feel super uncomfortable in all my clothes and can't stand anything tight around my waist. I think under all my fluff there may be a little extra pooch wink1.gif This is my third baby and it's not like I have abs or anything, so it's feasible that it's poking out under there!

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Fluffy girl here too, but I think I am "showing" at this point.  Nothing fits, and I can see a roundness to my tummy that wasn't there before. :)

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I'm about 9 weeks, and not actually showing yet. However, I have leftover fat on my upper stomach that is more pooched out than it was before (I look really pregnant if I put on a maternity shirt and relax.). My uterus grew up and pushed my intestines and stomach up and that pushed everything out (my husband commented on that, so it's at least obvious to him). I do have a little bit of an actual baby bump on my lower stomach, but it's not out far enough to be visible. Although, I bet if I didn't have so much up higher, it would be visible now. I can't wear my regular jeans, as even on the days when I can button them (yep, I'm bloated a lot too), they put pressure on my uterus and it just doesn't feel good. So, I'm not showing yet, but soon...

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Nope. This is my first pregnancy, so I'm not surprised. But I am having some bloating and discomfort with jeans similar to what AHomebirthMama described above. I stay in sweatpants as much as possible these days (I am too superstitious at 10 weeks to actually go buy maternity pants). 

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I'm definitely bigger than I was with Pearl, but I think that's to be expected. Whether I'm 'showing' or not, I think that really depends on whether I'm standing or sitting, and how recently I've eaten. It's also worse at night than during the day.


But overall, I think I just look at bit thick around the middle. I'm not sure whether people will interpret that as me just gaining weight or that I'm pregnant. I definitely can't button my regular jeans anymore, and my fat jeans are tight in the evenings and when I'm sitting down.

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yep - showing here!!! for several weeks now and I'm at 11 weeks this week.  already gotten out the maternity pants from last time!! that and I'm living in my PJ's while in the house.....  feel especially huge in the p.m.

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I am 9 weeks, and my belly is definitely sticking out! I am fat too, but when I suck in my stomach, it doesn't suck in anymore about 2 inches below my ribcage. I know it's just my guts being pushed up, but it's kind of exciting. smile.gif looking forward to looking pregnant. With my first, I was really self-conscious about it, but this time I feel much more motherly or feminine or something.
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haha, I'm not quite 7 weeks, I'm fluffy from my two miscarriages last year, never bothered to slim back down. I struggled over the holiday weekend to suck my gut in. I wouldn't be suprised if my whole family already has it figured it out :p

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9 weeks here and I've got a firm little belly poking out. I was fluffy to begin with so I already had a pooch from my other 6 babies.

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12 weeks this coming Sunday and with third baby, the belly is showing!  I can hide it OK with a swather or roomy shirt but oy, it's getting tough.  I have a pair of stretchy capris that are black and trendy so they are OK for work.  But I'm going to have to hit up the mat stores soon.  I got rid of all of my old mat clothes when I thought we were done with kids..... 


Thickness is exactly how I would describe it.  :)



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I'm 11 weeks and definitely showing.  I usually show early and get a really really big belly, so this is normal for me.  People are already saying things like, "wow, I know somebody who is 7 months pregnant and looks just like you."  Thanks!  :)  I think having a big round belly is my favorite part of pregnancy, besides feeling the baby move, so I'm glad to have a big belly!  We should start a Belly Shot thread to share pictures!

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I'm 8w5d and I'm showing just a little, right under my belly button. This is my second so I thought for sure I would blow right up but so far, I can still wear some of my pants (albeit they are verrrry tight and uncomfortable). I think I'm going to have to break down and by a few pairs of maternity pants this weekend so I can breathe again, haha! And I am thicker around my mid-section. I'm definitely not eating more (just thinking about eating makes my stomach turn and it's a chore to eat), any idea what that's all about? Things shifting around? And I second a Baby Belly thread, would love to see where everyone's at! :)

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Sort of. I'm almost 8 weeks and really bloated. I'm uncomfortable wearing regular jeans but my maternity clothes are too big and it's not warm enough here for a dress. Blah. 

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I went over to a friend's house last night and she commented that I already have a bump!  I guess if other people can see it, it must be true. :P

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At the beginning of the day, my stomach is pretty much completely normal, but my waist is thicker. After eating, though, the bloat sets in and my stomach is sticking out quite a bit. I am 11 weeks today. I'm tall, have a long torso, had my son 28 months ago and was in pretty good shape when I got pregnant, so I'm guessing I won't start showing until into my second trimester.

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I think I just look really fluffy right now. I'm down to 2 pairs of pants that still fit and of course my stretchy yoga pants and capris. My shirts on the other hand are getting to that point where they look a little too tight on my bloated belly. I finally broke down and bought a couple of maternity shirts today.
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