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Snappi - smashed swollen boy!

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I usually don't post on here, but I have to share my caution on snappis for boys. I love snappis. They are super fast for changes, but I had my 23 mo. DS in one overnight, and maybe I put it on too tight, but when I went to change his diaper in the morning, he was super swollen and I'm not talking the usual way. He didn't have an erection at the time, he was just super swollenand puffy and looked like his skin was full of fluid. It was very shocking to see.  I read somewhere that around this age, little boys start getting more erections and if there is a lot of pressure on that area, it will swell. Does that make sense? The pressure of the snappi accompanied with little boy stuff that he had no control over in his sleep led to a very swollen little boy. I called the doctor who said he had never seen it, and to keep him informed.  Later I found some info on a no-circ website about the swelling. I plan on continuing to use the snappi with my little girl, as there is nothing for it to interfere with. As for my little boy, the swelling went down within a the next couple of hours. I've been using pins on him boy since, and haven't had that episode repeat itself. I heard there is a new product coming out called a boingo. It attaches where pins do (on the hips) but has stretch and teeth like a snappi. Interested in trying it out since it won't be in his man region but hopefully can still offer a snug fit. Has anyone here tried them? What were your thoughts? If anyone here likes pins, who do you buy them from? We have one good set (can't remember where they're from), and the others are sharp but bend and break (from little lions) or are sturdy but not sharp enough to pierce the diaper (Dritz). 

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Have you tried the new Boingo fasteners yet? They are supposed to be great for boys because you use them on the hips like pins.

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I buy amazing pins from Green Mountain Diapers. 


The one and only time I used a snappi on my ds (18m) was overnight, and he woke up screaming and pulling at his diaper area. I took them it and have never used them again shrug.gif

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