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Maternity clothes

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Where is everyone on their need for maternity clothing? This morning I felt like, um, yes, I will soon need to wear some maternity trousers if I want them to do up. I tend to buy clothes on the big side (for comfort) so I probably have more room in my clothes than most, but when did you/do you think you'll be in maternity gear?


I'm almost 14 weeks.

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Oh, I've been in under-the-belly maternity pants for a couple of weeks now! I kept unbuttoning my jeans when I sat down b/c they dug into my uterus and bothered me. When I spent the whole day w/ my button undone, I was like, this is dumb, I have two pairs of perfectly good elastic-waisted jeans. I am noticing that some of my nicer shirts (not t-shirts) are getting too short. My belly is not big at all, but it's the combo of my boobs being bigger and the belly. Def not ready for mat shirts yet, just wearing my longer regular shirts.

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Yes, I went into stretchy pant mode early on...around 8 weeks I noticed that I couldn't button my jeans and sit comfortably, so I got a great deal at Forever 21 for a pair of maternity skinny jeans and wore them until the weather got warmer. At 10 weeks, I got a great deal on a long maxi-style maternity skirt from Gap, and I basically wear that non-stop because it's SO COMFORTABLE.


I too have had to pack away a few shirts...I am slim and always wear things a bit more form-fitting, so my clothes haven't had much room for growth or else I think I'd be ok so long as there wasn't any buttoning! lol


I'm really starting to wonder about shorts though. I have a pair of running shorts that I thought would work, but I'm already having to slide them down below my belly...which makes them look odd...and normal maternity shorts are looking a bit frumpy...


I do have a few maternity dresses leftover from my son's pregnancy that I wear here and there, and two maternity shirts that I did finally wear (tank tops) and surprisingly they fit well. My belly appears to have actually fully popped. Even my hubby is noticing it as looking LARGE...lol, so clothing is becoming more of an issue.

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Pregnova, I remember wearing my normal running shorts throughout my last pregnancy but I do tend to buy low slung shorts and so they don't look so bad under the tummy!


I need one of those Maxi skirts! I am on the smaller side (I have an athletic build) and I lost a lot of muscle mass in the first tri because of not working out (I race triathlons) and being so sick, so I think that's another reason things are sort of fitting still... except, wow, would I have a hard time fitting into a shirt, right now! I'm nursing my toddler still and was so shocked that my breasts have increased in size at an alarming rate!!



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Am I the only one not getting this free pregnancy boob enlargement??  Dang it. 


Well I've been wearing under-the-belly maternity jeans for probably 2-3 weeks now, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. :)  I have 1-2 pairs of regular jeans that I can still wear, but I can't button them anymore so using the old rubber trick. maternity tops still look way too big though.


I'm in a pickle because I have a wedding to go to in a few weeks, and I'm not sure what to wear. I ordered some summer maternity dresses online (they've yet to arrive) so I will see how those are fitting when I get 'em. Hoping for a bigger, more obvious belly pop soon (although really I feel huge already) so I can advance from this awkward stage (where I just look like I had a really, really big lunch) to the obviously-pregnant camp. :)

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I'm 14 weeks today, and I'm almost completely into maternity clothes now. There's still one dress I can wear, but like Pregnova, I usually wear fitted things, too, so my clothes very quickly went into the no-can-do pile. About 10 days ago I stormed a gorgeous consignment store that carries only maternity clothes and got some beautiful, comfortable skirts. I also got a couple of tops there and managed to find another at Target, but their pickings were really slim. I completely despise Old Navy's clothes because they all seem to be made as if you morph in to a massive beast who wants only to wear tents the moment you start to show. So, for me, Destination Maternity and the consignment shop have been my best bet for continuing to wear a professional wardrobe and not feeling lost in all of the fabric some of these clothes seem to sport.

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I am at that weird stage too where maternity pants are just a little too big right now but my pants are just too tight.  I had bought some maternity clothes at a consignment sale and I am horrified to find out my boobs are just too big!  I had the same problem finding a suit for interviews.  I wear an XL normally and although my belly is not huge, none of the jackets I I was trying on would button.  They fit in all the other places.  I went a size up and it buttons but doesn't look as nice since it is not as tailored as it should be.  Hopefully I find a job before I grow out of this suit too!

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I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one struggling with this in-betweenish stage.  I'm 13 weeks, and bought a pair of preg pants and some jeans at Gap a couple of weeks ago. I've been wearing some of my regular shirts and loose sweaters (I have a lot of boho kind of stuff in my wardrobe), but now that warmer weather is starting to creep in, some of my more fitted short sleeved tops are just not an option, even though my belly isn't that big yet.  The boobs make them way too tight.  I plan on hitting the consignment stores this weekend and my cousin also luckily has some stuff for me from last year (she delivered Sept. 2011).

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SunnyPerch-- I bet you could find a great empire waist dress that would look great no matter what size your belly is!!  I definitly have a belly...but it could be mistaken as just gaining weight.  I'm like the others who wear slim fitting clothes...so none of my pants can be buttoned (thank Goodness for the belly bands).  I can wear my more loose fitting shirts still, but my slim fitting shirts just accentuate the almost-looks pregnant belly!  My sister sent me a big box of maternity shirts and I am SO excited!!!!  They are slim fitting shirts, so they fit now!!  yay!!  Definitly going to a local store that sells 2nd hand baby and maternity clothes soon!!  stillheart.gif

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I haven't had much of the boob enlargement either! I mean, a bit, but really nothing like a full cup size or anything although I expect that will change by the time milk starts flowing ;-) 


I actually found a pair of cute maternity shorts at our local Goodwill the other day, which has been a LIFESAVER. I'm anxious to find some shirts that will fit better though...everything seems to be pulling upwards at this point!

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I bought a few Old Navy tanks the other day. I'm barely 5' tall and I usually hate how their shirts go on forever, but now that I'm pregnant, I really appreciate the added length. The layered look still sorta works with my non-maternity shirts and covers that panel on my m.pants.


I also bought a couple of long-ish cotton skirts at Old Navy. They are cute and comfy and I think they'll be seeing a lot of wear in the coming months. Again, none of this was maternity wear - just off-the-shelf stuff. I hate to sound like an Old navy advertisement because normally I can NEVER find anything that I like there, let alone actually fits. 

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I've also gotten a good many regular non-maternity shirts from various places to wear with my maternity pants and a few maternity shirts too.  I also got a few non-maternity dresses that should work throughout this pregnancy.  They are my favorite thing to wear so far.  I think I'll mostly use my pants from last time though a few pairs of capri pants would be nice still for summer.  The ones I've found so far have the big belly panel and just don't fit right yet so I'm waiting a while for those.   My mom also bought me one pair of skinny jeans from motherhood with small elastic panels on the side.  Totally not something I would normally wear but they aren't too tight and actually are my most comfy pants now.


I didn't think my boobs had grown too much though I stopped wearing my old under wire bras because they just are uncomfortable now.  Last night I was getting together with some friends and one of them greeted me with "Oh my goodness...your boobs are huge".  They were never small to begin with but she insists they're getting bigger....lol.


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Anyone have any recommendations for pants with a full, nude panel?  I know Motherhood has them, but I could never find pants there that fit at all.  They always had this weird baggy area at the center back, right below the panel.  It's the same place cheap non-maternity pants gap 3 inches away from my backside.  My favorite pants last time were the full panel ones from the Gap, but the panel is dark navy to match the jeans, really annoying when most of the shirts they sell are sheer enough that the panel shows right through.  Any ideas?

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