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Two questions about non-stretchy wraps (wovens)

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How long does a typical back carry take you do get set up and tied with a woven wrap (like a ruck, nothing fancy)?  I have watched a bunch of you tube videos, but they are meant to be instructional, so I am guessing they are taking a lot longer than usual.  I am hesitant to delve into wrapping because I worry that my wiggly girl won't have the patience for the process that may be involved in wrap back carrying.  


Also, I am wondering which would make the most sense as a purchase, for usefulness with a toddler and eventual new baby (who will also be a toddler some day): woven wrap (like a didy) or gypsy mama bali breeze?  I like the lightweightness of the GMBB, but is it a long lasting carrier that will be comfortable for babies and toddlers?  They are half the price of a traditional woven, but I want to get what would be the most useful, even if it is more pricey.



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I can do a ruck in less than a minute, probably 30 seconds or so depending on what variation I am doing.  There are lots of other quick back carries you can do with a wrap too, though some take a little longer.

If you are looking for longevity, I would pass on the Bali Breeze (which is gauze) and go with a German style woven instead.  The gauze is nice and light/cool, but it tends to not be as supportive for older/bigger babies and toddlers.  Didymos is just one brand of German style woven wrap, there are lots, and the prices can vary a lot.  So it may be worth it to window shop a little. :)

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I usually use a back wrap cross carry and that takes me about 30 seconds I think.  I've never timed it but there's no way it takes a whole minute.  It's only slightly slower than getting her on my back in the Angelpack SSC I have (that maybe takes 20 seconds).  A plain ruck would be even faster.

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