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YEs to homebirth!!

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This will be our second hb...We have has 1 hospital birth and one fabulous homebirth. 

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I had an accidental unassisted birth with my first, a planned homebirth with my second, and I'm hoping to make things work out to have a homebirth this time around as well.

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i really, really want a homebirth this time, but have to see if it is possible. we will be moving across the country (literally from one coast to the other) when i am 7months pregnant, so i don't know how that will all work with trying to find a midwife in another state who will take me on last minute. i hope it works though. luckily my insurance covers it, and california where we are moving is way more friendly to homebirth than maryland where we are now. my first baby was born in hospital and i hated the whole experience. i was railroaded into a totally unnecessary induction and eventually my entire birth plan went out the window for no medical reason just for the doctor's convenience. i do not want that this time.

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I HAVE to plan one with baby #5 and the last two really fast...


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Originally Posted by Shiloh View Post

I HAVE to plan one with baby #5 and the last two really fast...


That's my concern too! #2 came just a few minutes after we got to the hospital. From first contraction to birth was 2 hours (and the first hour I only had a few contractions). I remember thinking I should just stay home and have this baby. smile.gif

Not even going to risk a car birth this time!


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Originally Posted by tropicana74 View Post

You are very lucky! The birthing "climate" around here IMO is terrible. I am new to the area and am dreading even starting to see an OB. I feel like I need to have a back up for just in case but I am hoping to see him MINIMALLY during this pregnancy. I am still not sure if I am going to tell him that I am doing a home birth. I really feel like they are so close minded around here that he could do something crazy like turn me in for medical neglect or something. irked.gif But, hopefully that is just me being paranoid...


The best part is that YOU can schedule how many appointments and when :) See them however much is comfortable.  If someone raises an eyebrow about medical neglect you simply state it was a scheduling conflict that kept you from coming in more often. :)


Rarely will Dr's be for home births so IF you tell him your plans don't be surprised if he doesn't support it.  Some Dr's wont even see you if you're planning a homebirth. They wont get the $$$$ then.


Best of luck, you'll know what's best for you thumb.gif

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Add me to the list those of us planning home births! We are interviewing our first midwife next week. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so there are many  midwives to choose from. Anyone have any good ideas for questions to ask potential midwives?

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I started with this link:

I picked and chose which questions were important to me. Another good question is "what made you become a midwife?" smile.gif

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I am definitely doing a homebirth, one of my dearest friends is a midwife and we had Henry at her birth clinic (a turn of the century Victorian house) but labor went so smooth and she was so fantastic we are just going to stay at home with this little one. I am psyched that there are so many of us!!!

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I am planning a homebirth. I wanted one with my DD but finances didn't allow it..

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We'd really love a homebirth, but I have no idea we'll end up planning. We're moving to the UK in September and I'm bummed that I won't be able to have a HB with my friend who is a midwife. I know that the UK has a great midwife system, but don't have a clue on how to start looking for a HBMW or how difficult it will be. It's great that there are so many supporting HB here though! 

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Originally Posted by mamacolleen View Post

Definitely trying for a home birth this time around.
The plan was home birth with DD and I ended up with a c-section (long story). So, this will be an HBAC for us. I have 3 (!) midwives already lined up. One primary and 2 back-ups (I've been told the back-up is experienced with VBACS). Luckily DH is very much on board.

Anyone else planning an HBAC?

Me! Well, tentatively. If I get to 37 weeks, I'll be trying for another homebirth. But if I get to 40 weeks, this birth will be just 13 months after the c-section.
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And subbing.
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I'm considering a homebirth this time, but I know my DH would be concerned if I was planning one. Our last delivery was 2 1/2 hours from 0 cm to pushing, so I might just stay home and see how it goes anyway. We live right behind the hospital. 

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for those considering a HB {or any other birthing decision, really} and are facing a spouse who isn't on board: My dear friend wrote a great article about this situation and many of my friends have found it to be quite true. http://thepeacefulbirthproject.org/2012/02/i-wish-i-could-facing-the-spousal-objection/

ou have to do what you are the most comfortable with and trust that your loved ones--partners, family, friends--will accept and respect your choices once they see how confident you are--this doesn't mean you have to convince them, its not your job to convince anyone, but yourself of your abilities. 

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Homebirth rocks!  Have had four here, hopefully I can keep myself in good physical condition enough so that I can do it again!  Taking better care of myself from today on and going to stay lower stress!

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This will be homebirth number three! First kid was a stressful hospital birth, 2 homebirths followed, and number four would have been but we mc in the second tri. With each natural birth I labored faster and faster, with my last one being fully birthed 30 minutes after we woke up to my water breaking. My midwife didn't even make it. Lol I tell naysayers that a planned homebirth is safest for me because otherwise it would be an unplanned car or parking lot birth.
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I would have it no other way! I've gone from induction and epidural to natural hospital birth and my last two were born at home in water. 

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This will be our 3rd HB, maybe second unassisted.... we will see. youngest DD was unassisted 7 months ago.. we are not sure if we want a MW this time or not... hospital birth (unless emergency) is not a option for us.

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