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Hello :-) I was recently diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and my current Midwifery practice has essentially given me the "boot" because of it. I have been referred to UW for care for the duration of my pregnancy in their diabetes clinic. However after 2 appts I can already see/feel that I am heading towards a RCS which is my biggest fear. Although UW may be an excellent option for some, my idea of "start labor on your own by 37 weeks or C-Section at 38 weeks" is not my idea of birth. So I am on the hunt for the perfect midwife to help me achieve my birth goals. I have already gotten a wonderful recommendation for Jane Drichta and we are meeting with her this week, but I want to make sure I interview several midwives in the area before we make a final decision.


Thank you all for your suggestions and also if you have any suggestion for who to stay away from PM me :-)