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Measuring Big?

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Anyone else measuring a little big?


I'm 13w 4d and at the midwife yesterday I measured two finger widths below the belly button. When I asked if I was measuring big she said yes and asked if I'd had an ultrasound yet (no). I estimate 2 fingers to be about 3 cm so that would mean I'm measuring closer to 17 weeks given that 20 weeks is the naval?? I'm sure on the dates. I get my period like clockwork and tested at two days past when I was expecting my cycle.


This is my 3rd pregnancy and while I wasn't in the best shape when I got pg, I was 5/6" and 140lbs. I know I could stretch faster, but seems pretty ahead.


Oh, at 6 weeks my CNM (different from midwife now) said I was measuring right on (she did an internal).


Anyone else measuring big?


Dare I be concerned about twins???


No family history and only one hb with doppler. We used doppler twice so far.

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I was measuring big at my last appt...I was 10 weeks then and measured 14 weeks.  I have my next appt in a week...I will be 15 weeks then.   I am sure that I am still measuring big.  I feel my fundus right at my navel.  This is #3 for me too.  My midwife said that it is pretty normal to measure big for your 3rd pregnancy.  Everything knows where to go.  I am still a bit concerned with twins.  It's pretty funny...I did not show with my first for so long.  This time around I feel my belly popped as soon as the test was positive. 

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It's really not that accurate this early (cms=weeks).  We (midwives)  watch to see that you grow.  Later in the pregnancy, the cms will more closely match how many weeks you are.  If this is not your first baby, you may measure larger this early.  ; )  

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I was approx. 1-2 fingerbreadths below the navel at 12w1d with twins, if that helps any. I look about 6-8 weeks ahead from how I looked with DS, which according to my twins book is right on. It is really noticeable. That being said, I know not all twin mamas have the same experience and that we are all individual. 

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I never measure where I "should be" with any of my previous pregnancies. I was either ahead or behind, never right on. I asked my last doc about it and he said it can vary with different things (like the position of the baby, whether or not it just went through a growth spurt etc) and he was more concerned to see a growth then the exact numbers.

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Thanks all


I'm not really worried. I know it's an estimate at this point. 


I do think that it's just because its my third pg and my stomach muscles aren't toned...but twins would be fun!

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