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Week 12 and feeling worse

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Has anyone started feeling worse? I thought I would start feeling better by now. This is my 3rd and have had such terrible symptoms. I had the typical 24 hr nausea and vomiting with both of my previous pregnancies but this is crazy! The vomiting has subsided but the nausea is still present. In addition I've had the following symptoms for the last 2 months that have become worse and almost unbearable:

-Constant chills and cold shakes. It's almost 90 degrees outside and I have to wear a thick jacket.
-Night sweats where I wake up drenched in sweat then wake up shivering cold. Alternating all night.
-My hands, arms, feet, shoulder, even inner thighs falling asleep randomly. Not due to laying down.
-Constant headaches.
-Constant pressure in my face, maybe sinuses but no symptoms of a sinus infection.
-My hair became an oily mess. I had to cut it from my mid back to my shoulders. No shampoo will lather at all to clean it. My hairdresser couldn't believe it.
-A weird scaly rash over my entire face and behind my ears. Bumpy but not red or colored and not itchy.
-Severe bloating and gas. This has gotten so bad that I am scared to eat. If I don't eat I get nauseous, if I eat I get painful bloating that brings me to tears. I can't sleep or do anything to make it better. Small snacks every 1-2 hrs help with the nausea but it causes constant bloating. It doesn't matter what I eat, even crackers or a piece of fruit will cause it. Definitely can't have eggs or dairy. I've tried peppermint tea and eating prunes but they haven't helped at all.

I'm not sure what to do. If these are just normal tough pregnancy symptoms or if I should be concerned. I don't have a doctor to call right now. I was planning another birth center waterbirth but my husband lost his job a few days before my 1 st midwife appt. which I then had to cancel.

So here we are unemployed without insurance.
Any thoughts?
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This is my 12th week too and I didn't have any morning sickness for the 1st trimester and then all of a sudden last night I was puking all night. I am not having close to any other of your symptoms so I guess I am lucky but hang in there I am sure everything will be alright smile.gif

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Ugh. That doesn't sound like normal pregnancy symptoms to me. Do you possible have some kind of health department/ low cost clinic near you that you could go get checked out? Can you get on medicare?

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I do qualify for Medicaid, I just didn't want to go through the process if my husband will hopefully find a job soon. I may have to go ahead so I can get checked out.
Several women have told me they were sick their whole pregnancy so I thought maybe this is just one of those pregnancies. Maybe I'm having a boy this time.
It just doesn't seem normal to me.
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wow, that sounds pretty awful :( Also sounds like something more than pregnancy to me too - sounds like it's time for some bloodwork etc. Hope you get some relief.

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That does sound awful! The hands and inner thighs falling asleep struck me as odd...and certainly the symptoms all together just sound unbearable! How about a pregnancy crisis center? I know sometimes you can get in for an ultrasound and early testing in the first trimester at certain centers and it will be much cheaper than a doctor's visit. 


Or, how about a homebirth midwife just for a clinic visit? I saw one a few months back for a pap smear and an hour long talk, and it only cost $75 with no insurance. She could at least let you know if these are normal sypmtoms or call in some bloodwork. 

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I realized that the constipation was my worst symptom and I literally hadn't gone to the restroom in a week. I haven't had a full normal bm in 2 months. So I spent a whole day eating fresh fruit, a whole bag of prunes, lots of fluids, OJ, half a watermelon, oatmeal, even a cappuccino to make me use the restroom. Hours later and nothing.
My husband called an MD friend who recommended Dulcolax stool softener. I took 1 as a last resort and so glad I did!
It cleaned me out completely. All of my bloating and stomach pains were gone. The rash on my face completely disappeared the next day as well as my headaches. I still have other symptoms but not nearly as bad as before.
They are more manageable.
I have an appt with an OB next week too. smile.gif
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Glad you cleared that up! I'd keep eating that fruit if I were you  ;-)

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So happy to hear :) that was probably super scary!!

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