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Ultrasound Showed Kidney Dilation / Enlargement

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Hi, had a 29 week ultrasound today and all looked great with baby boy, but one kidney was slightly enlarged - up to for is normal, his was 5.7 (mm I am pretty sure).  Anyone have this happen?  I have read a bunch and in most cases it seems to resolve itself by birth or not too long after - it basically indicates kidney reflux, which my daughter had a very very, mild case of. And of course you hear  that it is a soft marker for Downs, which scares me, but kidneys were fine at my 18 week ultrasound, and no other signs of anything being wrong (I did not do genetic testing). Would love to know if anyone else has experienced the same or if you know anything about it.  Thanks!

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No, sorry- I have no info on this! But please keep us posted!!heartbeat.gif

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i have not experienced this. but i did have a spot on my 20 week us that was a calcification in the peritoneal area in front of the stomach. i have another us at 32 weeks to check to see if it has gotten better. everything i read said no big deal but it is hard not to worry when it is your baby. i hope it turns out well for you. are they going to check it again before birth? 

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It's probably pretty likely that it is what your daughter had.  Sorry you are having to deal with it though, it's always scary to hear anything less than 100% as expected!

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My daughter has had minor renal pelvis dilation before following a UTI (I guess the standard of care these days after a kid's first UTI involves a renal ultrasound and VCUG...not fun). But it went away over time. In my research I've found that this is really, really common to find on prenatal ultrasounds and usually resolves itself. Hope that's the case for you guys!

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Thanks, everyone!  LionessMom, yes, I asked my midwife and she said they would do another ultrasound before birth, but she was not at all concerned and everything I have read is very encouraging as far as how common this is, how it tends to resolve itself, etc.  Hope your US at 32 weeks goes well!



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