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My three year old has a wart on the underside of his pointer finger. Is there a natural pain-free way to get rid of it?


I have had warts on my hands off and on for years, and I haven't been a fan of any of the removal methods I've experiences (burning/cutting, freezing, ineffective DIY kits...). Any suggestions? Should I just leave it alone since it doesn't bother him?


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I've only had a wart once in my life on the palm of my hand, but it was a stubborn one.  I tried the wart removers, then duct tape on its own which helped a little, but would not get rid of it fully.  What got rid of it for me for good was this:


Alternate between orange peel (orange zest), and bell pepper skin applications.  Basically peel a very very thin slice of the outside of an orange so that you can see the little pores.  You will know if it's good when you squeeze the peel - some juice should be visibly coming out, same with the bell pepper skin.  Once you have one of those apply it wet side down onto the wart and tape it down with a small piece of duct tape so it stays for several hours.  Then alternate by doing the same with the other.  The pepper skin and orange skin should be juicy as that's what helps to make it go away.  This may take even a week or two but should work if you keep up with it.  Also blotting with vinegar in between changing the applications helps as warts are basically a fungus.    

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Anna, thanks! That is an interesting solution I've never heard of before! I will be trying that on my own wart now as well. :)

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thuja oil works well and isn't painful - dab on wart, cover with bandaid or tape


the wart will turn black as it dies and fall off.  Just make sure you keep applying it until the wart it totally gone - i ran out of bandaids and stopped a few days short of total success so essentially innoculated my wart against thuja <sigh>

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I think there is something in the skins of the pepper and orange that when secreted makes them go away.  Interesting about the thuja oil, I would try that too.. sometimes it just comes down to trial and error or all forces combined for something as stubborn!

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