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Who works full-time?

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How are you dealing with it during this first trimester? Have you had to miss work? I work full-time and have had to take 6 sick days already because of nausea/exhaustion. I'm only 8w3d, but I am planning to tell my boss tomorrow about my pregnancy because I am concerned about the impression I'm giving by taking so much time off. I'm considering asking for a temporarily reduced schedule just for the next month or so - does anyone have experience with this?

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I work FT as well. I've taken a few days off but I'm utterly miserable the rest of the time. Can't afford to ask for a reduced schedule and doubt it would fly anyway. No advice lol but I feel your pain.

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I not only work full-time, I own my business, so it translates into more like 60 hours of work a week...I'm 9 weeks 1 day and it's been miserable! I groom dogs and I'm booked out about two weeks right now so rescheduling any dogs on the really tough days has not been an option...for the first time I'm HOPING people forget and dogs don't show up! The nausea has been bad enough but the last few days I've had insane exhaustion on top of that.

Good luck, I hope you can work something out with your boss.
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I'm finding it easier this time than in my first pregnancy because I'm not quite as sick or exhausted, and because I now have my own office with a door instead of being in a cubicle.  I still have the same job--well, I've been promoted a couple times, and my boss retired so I have a different boss now, but I work for the same research study--I've been here 13 years!  Even in my first pregnancy, having been here a while and established a reputation for dedication to my job really worked in my favor as I negotiated allowances for my pregnancy nausea and maternity leave and then working part-time for 3 years.


Last time, by 6 weeks I had thrown up at work several times, including once in the wastebasket in my cube, so my co-workers were getting alarmed wondering what was wrong with me and if they would catch it!  One day just before a meeting with my boss, I was running to the restroom to throw up just as she stepped out of the restroom and was about to talk to me and I shoved past her--so I decided I had to tell her.  She was very, very nice about it and told me that if I was not feeling well in the morning, I should stay home and rest until I felt up to coming in to work, and she trusted me to work in my 40 hours a week or report time off accurately.  That was a huge blessing!  I went ahead and told the rest of my co-workers at that point.  For months I was working 11am-7pm, 2pm-10pm, or whatever, and taking a whole day off at least every couple weeks.  I really appreciated feeling able to take care of myself, but I also made getting to work and getting stuff done there a top priority.


This time, I have a son who has to be at school at 8am and is accustomed to having Mama walk him to school, so it's important to me to keep up his routine.  I'm not sure if pushing myself like that has been good for me, or remembering what I learned last time about what to eat when has reduced my nausea, or it's just that my body did this before so isn't quite as shocked this time...but I've been less sick; I still feel noticeably yucky almost all the time, but I haven't had days when I can't get out of bed or can't keep anything down.  The few times I've thrown up have been at home.  My frequent snacking, head-in-hands yuck moments, and even a couple quick naps on the floor have been invisible to co-workers now that I have my own office.


So I wouldn't have told anyone at work yet, except that last Thursday I had an ultrasound "to date the pregnancy" and they told me there was no heartbeat and I could expect to miscarry.  The whole story is in another thread, but in brief, I was very sad at first but then started to question it--since I had no bleeding and no reduction in pregnancy symptoms, and still don't a week later, and all my instincts are telling me things are fine--so I'll be having another ultrasound next week.  Anyway, I was supposed to have gotten this ultrasound on my lunch break, but what with hospital delays and meeting with a doctor for counseling, I'd been gone 3 hours, so I needed to explain myself to my boss.  I went ahead and told him the truth.  My new boss is a guy my age who's adamantly "child free" and often has been derogatory about parenthood--but to my astonishment, he was really sympathetic, not only about my grief over the potential miscarriage but also about my having been working the last few weeks with pregnancy symptoms; we are very busy right now, and I've been pulling my weight, but he said he would've been easier on me if he'd known.  He told me to take the rest of Thursday and Friday off "and more time if you need it; don't worry about work."  So nice!  I have been back full-time since Monday, since I do feel up to it, and have explained to him that it may not be a miscarriage and I'm unpredictable either way (either I'll be feeling yucky for several more weeks and might miss some work, or I'll be suddenly out for a couple days).  Meanwhile I'm keeping up with my work and feeling appreciated for it, so it's going well!


I recommend trying to work out some compromises.  I would ask for a FLEXIBLE schedule rather than a REDUCED schedule if you think you can hack it and if your job doesn't depend on your being available during specific hours.  Flexibility is less likely to affect your pay or benefits status.  If your job restricts when you can eat, ask for some flexibility on that too, because being able to snack when you need to helps keep up your energy and prevent nausea.

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Yup - full time and own my own business.  My husband and I run it together so I have been able to take a lighter load from the business perspective but my adjusting hours haven't changed.  I feel you!  This week I'm working for my husband too as he leaves this afternoon for NJ to visit his family.  So I've got double the load over the next 3 days.  Yowzers.

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I work from home as a freelancer - it used to be 40+ hours a week but the company I work for isn't doing so well so I'm not even working 20 hours (ugh).  I've been looking for a new job (a non freelancing job) since the beginning of the year.

I worked a stressful fulltime job with my first pregnancy and didn't leave for maternity until I was 40 weeks.  I ended up getting induced for PIH a few days after I stopped working, and I swear it was because of that job.  They showed no mercy on me, it was very stressful.

I sympathize with those who work outside of the house while they're pregnant...it's not fun.  At least when I'm feeling gaggy and horrid I can try to take it easy (as much as I can while also taking care of 3 other kids 5 and under). 


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I work full-time 40 hrs/week. and on top of that....i am into consulting so I travel Monday-Thursday to my client side in North Carolina from boston. 

Luckily for me...the client didnt have any travel budget since last month...so I am asked to work from home :)

I cant imagine traveling and being away from home with this fatigue and nausea. I don't throw up as much now but then i feel tired all the time and my lower back hurts a lot. 


I haven't yet told my boss, not sure if he will understand or feel any sympathy. 

working from home is very convenient so far as i can take a nap during the lunch hour and sit in comfortable positions. I really hope this no-travel thing continues for the rest of my pregnancy.


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me too - 40-45 hours a week. I've missed a few days so far, and been running a little later in the mornings. I actually had been talking to HR and my boss about hours (and required OT, when I was having trouble making 40 hours sometimes) before I even knew I was pregnant - and was told I can go on modified schedule in May. (I don't have to work 40 hours, paid for what I work, OT would be 1.5x pay, my health insurance is on husband's job so it would be beneficial. I'd still try to get 40 hours in, and I wouldn't always have OT as available to me, but hopefully it will be good especially when I return to work after birth.)  So my worst symptoms have been during the busiest time, and I haven't been here as much as I should (using PTO). Oh well! 


I will be telling my boss soon most likely. Since I had HR advocating for me, he knows health has been an issue and is willing to compromise because he doesn't want me to leave.


Oh and they gave me a laptop. An old one, that I could keep at home. I spent 45 minutes trying to work on a word document, and got about 5 minutes worth of work done. My usual work is in CAD, so I'm not even trying that!!! :(  If I'm desperate I could access files and do something from home, but working from home is still not feasible. Thank goddess I live so close to the office!!

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I do plus we have two kids. But it really hasn't made a difference yet. I am little freaked out that I have so few symptoms.

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I work what's considered FT, three 12-hour shifts a week as an RN.  Only working 3 nights a week helps with the exhaustion side of things, as I never work more than 2 nights in a row and will have at least one night off to recover before going back.  Every other weekend I have 3-5 days off in a row which REALLY helps.


I will say I am a bit concerned, though, on how I'm going to be able to handle it after babe is here and I go back to work.

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I work 40 hours a week with every other Friday off.  I am fortunate that I have few symptoms but I am sooo tired.  I actually took off today because I am feeling worn out and really feel like I need a lay on the couch day.   I have two LO's and I worry how I will manage work when #3 comes along.  DH had pretty much given me the okay to stay home but I like working and I love my job.  I don't know how I would cope without adult interaction.  I'm  giving it some thought but I am leaning towards working part time.

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I work 37.5 hours a week - thank goodness I'm an admin so I can sit all day and be miserable, haha! I haven't had to call in sick yet but there have been many time where I should have. My coworkers don't know anything yet. I might spill the beans next week after my doctor's appointment, just to make sure everything's ok. Looking forward to getting through the first trimester and get some energy back!!

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