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Toddler w/ possible infected foreskin & blood in urine

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Help please!

I've searched & read many of the "infected foreskin" threads.

My intact 2.5 year old had a very trace amount of blood in his urine last Friday night (so about 4 days ago), then obvious visible blood last night & once again today. His foreskin is slightly separated but non-retractile. The foreskin also looked very red & angry yesterday & in the AM when he woke up he had a little glob of yellowish, snot like glob on the tip of his penis. I called his urologist last night (yep, unfortunately we have a urologist because he still has one undescended testicle, they're recommending surgery. Still not sure what we will do about that, any advice?) who said that it sounded like an infected foreskin & just put triple antibiotic ointment on it. He also said that micro tears in the foreskin can result in adhesions for which he might eventually need to be circumcised. Ugh...

So I am putting the triple antibiotic ointment on with a q-tip (mostly for lack of better options, he's allergic to coconut so I can't use coconut oil) & it looks less red today but he still had one episode of blood in urine & he is still complaining that his "pee pee hurts". Otherwise he is happy & seems fine. He is generally not messing with it.

I am paranoid that I am ignoring something that could become a big problem...

Any advice?

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You seem so worried.  I'm sorry you & your ds are going through this.


I believe, from reading here, that using something like neosporin is not recommended on the genitals.  I think that's the same as what you are talking about?  Maybe search on it here.  If you have been doing it & it seems to be getting better, maybe it's okay for your ds.  If you have probiotics on hand, perhaps you could use them a few hours after you've used the antibiotic.


I'd email Marilyn Milos from NOCIRC.  She is a nurse.  If you go to nocirc.org you'll find contact info.


I think if there was blood like you are saying, I'd request a culture to be sure there wasn't a UTI.  


I'm not surprised the dr. said he could need a circ somewhere down the line.  Most drs. in the US are very quick to lop off what they had lopped off.  A retort to that is what would you suggest if this was a girl?  


(((hugs)))  Good for you & your son that you're trying to get answers.  He's lucky to have you!  (((hugs)))


Best wishes,


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If he is going through the separation process the things you described can go along with it. Did you find the separation issues thread in the resources sticky? http://www.mothering.com/discussions/showthread.php?t=764732

Also if you do have that testicle fixed make 100% sure that they know not only not to circ your ds but not retract him forcibly either. I know of at least one child who went in for surgery like that and came out with his penis swollen and hurting because the Dr. decided it needed to fully retract and ripped it back.

I personally would have the testicle fixed since it can increase the risk on cancer.
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My nephew's urologist forcibly retracted him hard enough to cause the foreskin to split and heal like butterfly wings.  Now, my SIL was planning on circing anyway (wasn't done at birth b/c of hypospadias), but my stomach turned when I saw his foreskin laying splayed open. 

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We had something similar happen, OP.  Just normal separation and it wound up infected and angry.  We did use the triple antibiotic (was later told it's not usually recommended because it can be irritating, but if it's tolerated it's fine) at every diaper change for a couple days.  If your guy is already potty independent, then I'd just do it after every trip to the bathroom.  Also sat him in a bath any time it seemed to be bothering him, so something like 2x/day.  It healed up in a couple days without any concerns at all.  I'd just keep doing what you're doing and keep an eye on it.  If the infection isn't healing, the pain gets worse/more frequent or he starts running a fever, then I'd worry (and call the doc).  Otherwise I'd just chalk it up to "normal" boy stuff. 

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