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Excema Relief!!!

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I have posted here and also seen lots of posts on excema problems in our kids...

I tried (it seems like!) EVERYTHING to figure out what was causing my dd's excema... milk, dairy, wheat, eggs, lotion...

What I have found, and it has made a WORLD of difference, is cutting out the Downy fabric softener. I used All Free and Clear detergent, but never really thought about the Downy : but since I've switched to Downy Free & Clear we have not had ANY problems with her excema!!!!!!!

I also use Aveeno lotion and Baby Wash on her.

I always thought it was milk or dairy products... but I switched her to soy and cut out the cheese, etc, and that didn't make any difference. Although we still don't do any dairy, it's kind of gross to us now after we haven't eaten or drank it in so long!

Anyway, I know I've seen lots of ladies with this problem on here, so maybe that will help your little ones too!!! I hope so!!!!

Take care!!!
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Just gonna slide this over to Health and Healing. Thanks for sharing.
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I'm glad your solution turned out to be so simple! Congratulations! It's so great to hear when someone manages to figure out their eczema problems.
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Glad to hear your little one is better! I will see if this helps my Ds, as it is now warm enough to hang the wash out again! We will not use the dryer, and so no dryer sheets. I hope it works for us too!
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Thanks for sharing! Mind if I share my own experience? We have 3 or more generations of eczema in our family and I have had to draw on our elders' experience to offer my daughter some relief.

Aveeno is good, but for some people almost any soap is drying and irritates the condition. Cetaphyl is very gentle and rarely causes troubles. Also, Dove soap comes highly recommended.

Bacteria has been shown to worsten the condition. Bathe frequently and keep the affected areas clean, clean, clean. After my daughter's baths, I rub her legs (where the eczema is the worst) with a bit of tea tree oil mixed with apricot kernel oil. The tea tree oil is a very effective antiseptic and the apricot oil is moisturizing. I avoid any product containing artificial fragrance or color, and like you, I avoid perfumey laundry products.

The tea tree oil has been very effective, though, more than any prescription cream I have tried.
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Well my ds had some exzema at one time. The only thing that cleared it up was when I began taking DHA and also began giving him flax or hemp oil daily. This was after we switched laundry soaps, lotions, bath stuff, bedding, changed our diets, used topical treatments, etc.
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Laundry balls

For anyone sensitive to detergents then Laundry balls are the ultimate answer to detergent free washing. they are plastic balls with holes filled with clay pellets which ionise the water and attract the dirt out of the clothes. I've used mine for 3 years now and even use them for nappies. As there is NO detergent residue, your clothes are much softer naturally. I also find that line drying outside on a sunny day is great for softness and the sun kills many nasties like housedust mites that might not get zapped in the wash.

Housedust mites can aggrivate eczema so all bedding and towels etc. and clothes for eczema kids should be washed at 60C if possible to kill the mites. Soft toys kept to a minimum and regularly washed and put in the freezer for 72hrs to kill the dustmites - if it is big enough, also put in duvets and pillows. Here in Switzerland everyone hangs their bedding (duvets, pillows and sometimes mattresses) out of the window or over balconies on dry sunny days to air - this kills the dust mites too. Vaccuum the mattress weekly and don't have carpets in the rooms if possible.
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Where do you find these laundry balls? They sound great!
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You could try asking at your local 'alternative' store or organic shop, thats where I got mine. If you have no luck let me know and I'll try and find a website for you.
They are great!
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