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I really would like advice--Thinking about giving 3 y/o her first vax before preschool and new baby - Page 3

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Isn't that just injecting yourself with water? Homeopathic medicines having on average zero molecules of their claimed contents in them..... 


ROTFLMAO.gifHomeopathic nosodes are given by mouth. 

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I'm about to research homeopathic nosodes.  Is there a good starting point?

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Just wanted to say you have done alot of great research! Unfortunate that there are not better resources for concerned parents regarding vaccines that could give valid info in one place to save parents countless hours of research.


I have a side question for you. I hope you don't mind. My daughter will be 3 in August and we are going to be sending her to preK as well. Every program I have looked into mandates a long list of vaccines in order for your child to be accepted. This includes Hepatitis B, which all sources admit is only given shortly after birth because it is easy to reach that population. Not because it is necessary at that age. An annual flu shot is also mandated (I live in NJ, only 1 of 2 states that mandates this), which makes me really mad.


I know every state is different, but my question is how are you able to send your daughter to preK if she is not fully vaccinated?  Up until now I feel that I have been able to make decisions for my daughter that I think are in her best interest as her parent. But after going through this process of finding a preK I feel that the state is actually telling me what is best for my children and I have no say! All because of money and politics.


Also, did you do any research on the vaccishield product?



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Hi! I live in WA state (but grew up in NJ isn't that funny?). Our state is one of I believe 23 states that have a philosophical exemption to vaccination. It's not applicable for preschool (our preschool we chose is a Waldorf style preschool, it's private out of a woman's home.). But when she starts K in 2 years we will need to get an exemption. In our state we just need to fill out a form saying we are philosophically opposed to vaccination and get a doctor to sign. I am not familiar with the exemption forms in all states but a quick google search can help you find that easily. I am pretty sure NJ has a medical (hard to get) and a religious (much easier to get) form. I know when I grew up in NJ my brother and I were selectively vaccinated, my brother had many skipped all together. My mom used the religious exemption (though she was an atheist, you do what you have to do) and this was in the 80s. So I am sure you can still get it now. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. If I lived in a state where *all* vaccines were mandated for school attendance and an exemption was too hard to get I guess I'd look into either private schools out of people's homes or homeschool...

And I never got around to looking at the vaccshield product. I was planning to do Dr. Sears nutritional support as well as either thuja or ledum homeopathically but in the end cancelled my appointment for her. I wish you the best! Where are you in NJ? I grew up in Lavallette.
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wave.gif from a fellow Jersey girl (born and raised, though I live in SoCal now)!  I'm from Hunterdon County.

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Thanks for the info! Yes, that is still the case in NJ (religious and medical exemptions). I think I am going to do the religious exemption if we can. Love that your Mom did that and was an atheist! You might not know since you were probably little, but did she need to have a church official (priest, minister) sign it? I wasn't sure if it would be something that our priest would just sign without questioning or if he would question our exact reasoning.

The preK for your daughter sounds awesome! That is exactly what I was looking for for my daughter. I don't think it exists in my area unfortunately. I would love to send her to a Waldorf school, just don't have the money for that. I am not giving up though. We are on a few waiting lists for the best conventional preK alternatives, but I am going to continue to ask around and search. I was even thinking of how I could start my own, but decided against that route.

I have thought about just not sending her next year, since she has a later August bday as it is, and using the year to find a better alternative. But she is soo excited to go and really needs the socialization. The preK's we have looked into are private and they still require the vaccines, because they are licensed by the state. I thought if we went the private route we wouldn't be running into that, but it seems the state is involved in most everything.

I thought after a little searching off the beaten path we would find something that would suit our needs, but I have been surprised that more schools don't have the same issues and concerns that I do for my kids. I am big on trying to limit toxins in my kids toys and art supplies, as well as toxins in our home from things like flame retardants and toxic cleaning products. We also try to eat a healthy mostly organic diet, with as little processed foods and additives as possible. I thought that I would eventually stumble upon some preschools that shared these same concerns, but sadly I haven't.

I live in Gloucester, NJ. Right outside of Philadelphia in Camden County. I grew up in upstate NY, still getting used to NJ. : )

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I don't know if she had to get any religious figure to sign it. I don't think so, I can't imagine she knew any! But this was 25 plus years ago so who knows how things have changed. It's hard to find alternative anything in NJ. I grew up there. Sometimes I'd live to move back near my family (and the heat) but then I'd really miss organic food, not getting stated at for breastfeeding a toddler, crunchy parents to be friends with, midwifery, etc. all the things I guess I take for granted here. I really bet you can figure out how to get a religious exemption...Download a form and take a look. Hopefully it will be easier than you think!
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Ugh sorry so many typos. I meant love to move back and getting stared at for BFding....
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Yes those are some of the things I am having a hard time seeking here in NJ. Except the organic food. Many good farmers markets now and Wegman's grocery stores are great. Check them out if you are back in the area. There is another mother on here from NJ that just told me about her experience getting a religious exemption and she said she didn't need a signature from a church official. Not that that would be out of the question, I might be able to get it, just another hurdle.  I would say you are better off in WA. So many more resources for "crunchy" parents. People not staring at the sight of a bfed toddler? Sounds like another planet! People here can't even handle the idea of it. I am having a hard time finding any mothers that share any of my same parenting ideas. Thankfully I stumbled upon a couple mothers on this site that are looking for the same thing in the area. So maybe we will get together at some point. Take care!

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