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anyone still dragging in the 2nd trimester

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I'm 17 weeks but I'm actually more tired than I was in the first 14 weeks (I often have "I just want to find a corner to curl up and hide" feelings at the oddest times, like at the drug store or at work). Plus I'm still in adversion city to smells (not food but some smells, even non food ones like tires!).


tell me I'm not alone.

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You're not alone!  Although I would say I was most tired during 1st trimester (especially the very early weeks), I still am exhausted by the time I am off work at 5 and I end up falling asleep with DS at his bedtime at 7, even though I try my hardest not to!  Smells get to me still, though at least I'm not throwing up anymore.

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Yeeeeeessssss. :( I'm exhausted pretty much every day. I can do a few things in the morning hours but am without fail running on empty by early afternoon. I'm getting tired of the questions from people about whether I'm feeling better, in a tone that suggests I should be, because really, what am I supposed to do about it?


My aversions are pretty much gone, but I do still have vomiting on and off.

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I am exhausted!  I crash in the early afternoon and am completely dragging through the evening.  It makes me sad to be on the countdown to bed every evening!  I pick DS up on my way home from work and I haven't been with him all day so I want to play and interact with him.  Sadly, sometimes I actually fall asleep while we are playing!  We were pretending to be bears yesterday and I told him that mommy was going to hibernate shy.gif...at least for a minute.  I am so glad DH is willing to make dinner every single night because I don't have the energy at all. 

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I was 19W yesterday and this is the first time I've had several days in a row where I'm not just exhausted by the time I get home from work. 

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I think the end is in sight for you all.. at least I hope so!


I started working a few weeks ago, and worked 16 days straight.  Today is my first day off.  At first I was dead tired (Sunday was the last day of a 100hr pay period!), but I'm feeling okay now.  The main thing for me is getting *enough* sleep, and I find that I require about 2 hours extra per day.  On days where that just can't happen, I'm a wreck.  Diet is important for me, as well.

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I'm 19 weeks and still exhausted. I was tired like this last time too and was sure my iron was low but it wasn't. Growing another human is hard work.

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I'm 18 weeks tomorrow and have just been feeling more energetic this week. Most days, anyway. I really think that the weather has a lot to do with it for me. It's been nice this week and DDand I have taken long walks the last two days.

Overall I've been more tired than I remember being when I was pg with DD, but maybe chasing a two year ld around has something to do with that!
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I'll be 17 weeks on Saturday. My energy has been sporadic, but I think its partly to do with whether I've had enough sleep the night before and whether I've had enough protien and water throughout the day. With DS I was sooo tired the whole pregnancy, I couldn't wake up in the mornings and I took naps and went to bed early, fell asleep half way through movies LOL. With DD, I hade more energy than ever until the last month. This 3rd pregnancy my energy is somewhere in between...maybe if I get my sleep and protien I will have the boundless energy I had last time.

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glad to hear I'm not alone in this tired misery. I can't tell if I am sleeping too much or too little. I'm often 'in bed" nearly 10 hrs b/c I crash w/ my kids but I also am often awake 2-3 hrs of that time on/off. If I just can't fall asleep I get up. The days that happens, sometimes I actually have more energy for much of the day.

I "can't wait for the evening to be over" and not at all enjoying my kids in the PM.

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I am totally with you on this.  If stuff doesn't get done by noon it doesn't get done because I have nothing left to give.sleeping.gif

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