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Funny Preg stories!

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Hey Mummas!


Thought I might start up a little thread so we can share our funny stories.

Perhaps how its you found out or told someone. Perhaps its a funny one from your sisters pregnancy!

Lets share em to keep our heads up on this crazy emotional journey!


I'll go first-

The night we found out I was thinking how we would spread the word on Facebook once we get to a "safer stage".. I started thinking maybe my Hubby and I would buy little onesies and create "mini-me's" to announce it!

Started thinking "what would a mini me onesie for hubby look like? Oh i know a little black onesie with "Techie Kid" written on it (My husband does light and sound for theatre)..... "Hummm what would a little onesie for me look like?? Ummm maybe a ballerina onesie.. Nah not so much anymore... Maybe an artsie actor type onesie? (we both work in theatre).. Hmmm nah.. Ok what do I love?? Orphans! I love volunteering at orphanages! I will get a little onesie and write "ORPHAN" across its chest and post it on Facebook!"


Hahaha I just didn't think it through! Needless to say it made myself and DH chuckle!!!


Your turn!!!

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This is kind of a funny story, I guess. I mean, at least for country people/ farm folk, like my hubby and me. We rent our pasture out to our neighbor, as we don't have cattle and we like to see the creatures and hear them moo. So, this weekend, we notice that the spicket that fills the water bin is trickling and we call him. This guy is a fourth generation Okie and a true cattleman and super nice. He gets to chatting with DH and mentions that he'd like to "do us a favor" and spray the pasture for weeds. DH obviously says no and our neighbor insists that he wants to do this "nice" thing for us. Finally, after a few go 'rounds, DH says, "Sarah's pregnant. She's pregnant. It's still a secret, but there's no way she's letting you into that pasture to spray." Well, our neighbor tips his cowboy hat, leans back in his cowboy boots a bit, and says, "Mama gets what she wants."


I think it's funny. & even if I wasn't pregnant, there's no way he'd be spraying those chemicals near my house.



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Love this!


My story is funny now, but it wasn't when it happened!


We were at Disney (Epcot) last Monday (my parents came to visit for the weekend, it was wonderful), having a great time, and I got a voicemail. I stepped aside to a quiet area to listen, and it was a registry specialist from our local Babies 'R Us. Calling to congratulate me on my pregnancy and thank me for registering with them!!! WTH?! I was totally thrown, but thankfully DH was super sweet about it (plus, well, we were at Disney), so I managed to not think about it much again until later that night. I kept going between funny/hurt, "Seriously? How on earth?" My voicemail greeting very clearly says my name, so even if it was just a wrong number, he should have heard and realized it wasn't right. When we got back home, my husband drove over there and had some nice, but firm words for them about accuracy and checking numbers/names on such a sensitive call.


Of course, the best part is that I didn't know it yet, but I actually WAS pregnant when they called! Talk about random!

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