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reading to baby?

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When is a good time to start reading to your baby? My dd is almost 10 months now. I love to read and have tried reading to her in the past few months, but this would only last a few minutes. She was mostly interested in putting the book in her mouth. I'm curious to hear about other parents' experiences with this!!
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I started when my LO was a couple of days old. I'd read to here while we were bouncing on the fitball.

As she got older we'd often lie on the bed or floor together and I'd read. Giving her a book to hold and chew while I read another one sometimes worked well.

She's also not a big fan of sitting and listening to a book. She'd rather potter around the room while we read to her.

Sometimes she wants to be read to while she's feeding to sleep but only occasionally.
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My dd loves to be read to....but she wants to watch me read. If I try to have her sit and look at the pages she gets fussy, so I lay her down in the bassinet and read to her. She's 4mo now and has loved being read to since a few weeks old.


She also likes books with a lot of dialogue so that I can be expressive and maybe use some different voices.....Dr. Seuss is still her fav!


Good Luck



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I read to DD from birth. I'd read to her sporadically during the day, but every night whenever it was "bed time" I read her a story and continue to do so now (she's 4). Usually when she was very young I'd use short books and repeat them often. Goodnight Moon was a staple, and she also loved Hand Hand Fingers Thumb and Mr. Brown Can Moo. Can You? both by Dr. Seuss I agree with the PP about finding some books you can use different voices with to hold her interest. Also, anything with a "rhythm" where you can either sing the book to her, or use a sing-song sort of voice.

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We start from birth. My oldest was never very interested in being read to greensad.gif but my 4 month old has loved it right from the start.

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We tried reading to DD when she was very small and she did the same thing. She was much more interested in books as chew toys rather than sitting for a story. We started reading to her again when she was about 18 months, when she could sit for a little longer and really look at everything. Now at 28 months they are part of her bedtime routine and her potty time (we'll read her a story or two so she will sit a little longer). She'll bring over books randomly throughout the day too.

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For the baby stage just holding a book looking at the pictures and talking about the images can be fun. If your babe is grabbing/eating the book (totally normal-my little guy does this and my older DD did as well), maybe try just talking about the pictures pointing at different things and paraphrasing the story. I notice that my little one gets disengaged if I just read the text, but if we move thru a book in a more casual way reading some words looking at the pictures and talking about them, he stays interested and we both have fun.

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I read to my little girl, she'll be 7 months old in a week or so.  We have the little board books, and she does like to chew them in between stanzas of Dr. Seuss.  It's a good time.


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I have this same concern! I know that reading to baby is super important, but DS just wants to grab the book away from me. It doesn't matter how many books he has, he wants the one I have!  He will scream if I try to hold it out of his reach. Now that he's crawling, I can sometimes read half a board book at a time before he takes it away. But we only have about 10 and I know them by heart now, so I just keep "reading" after he takes it.


But I'd love to get to a place where I can read more to him. The 25 word board books can only last so long, and he'll tear up the paper books I have.

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We started with a little cloth book called Where's the Bone? which is just brilliant because it's interactive and lets DS watch me put a little dog bone in a variety of environments on the cloth pages. Very simple and fun to interact with. He doesn't like to sit still for much, so I've found that it's good to just repeat the ones that work and let him use the other books as toys. Goodnight Moon has just recently become the other book that he will sit still for. He loves the pictures and hearing the repetition of the rhyme. 

Simple as can be, that's what I recommend. 

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