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VBAC pep talk

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I am 41wks, 2 days pregnant w/ a singleton. dilated to 1cm and 50%. this is my second pregnancy. I had a c-section w/ my twins due to going into kidney failure at 35wks. Anyhow I am getting very discouraged about this labor. I have hardly had any contractions. I am huge, super uncomfortable and wondering if it is ever going to happen. I really want to have a successful VBAC and have been told I am a great candidate, however nothing is happening! They will not induce me due to risk of uterine rupture w/ hx of c-section. And scheduled a c-section at 42 weeks if I don't go into labor by then. I was told my chance of successful VBAC significantly decrease at 42 weeks. I have been walking, climbing stairs, doing acupuncture but nothing. They did an ultrasound and NST yesterday and everything looked good for the baby. I was hoping they would strip my membrane, but they said they can not since I am only dilated to 1 cm. The plan is to break my water the day before my scheduled c-section to exhaust all methods, but I am wondering if that will even be possible if I don't dilate any more. I should note I have been at 1cm for 5 wks. I feel like I am one of those women who does not go into labor. I am so frustrated and losing hope of a vaginal delivery. Any tips, ideas or a pep talk would be great. Thank you!
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Will they not consider low-dose pitocin? They don't have to blow the baby out, but AROM with low-dose pit works very well and with very minimal risk for UR. They might could even do a foley bulb the night before for cervical ripening. I wouldn't let them rupture you if you're very high. AROM with the baby above -2 station has a definite risk for cord prolapse.


I'm sorry you are going through this. greensad.gif Spontaneous VBAC labor is clearly preferrable, but VBACs can be induced. And, of course, an ERCS isn't the end of the world either, but I know that's not your preference. I wish you a peaceful birth experience, knowing that in the end, either way, you will have a beautiful new baby. biggrinbounce.gif

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I am glad they are letting you go to 42 weeks.


You do have the option of NST, fluid measurement, doppler umbilical measures, and go beyond 42 weeks---you will be close surveillance.


Foley bulb day before a ERCS--along with breast pump induction---worth a shot!!


Let us know--and remember----you are VERY likely to go into labor by 42 weeks!

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---oh   and SEX!!! lots of it!!!   LOL

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waiting with baited breath!!!

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