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Total fluff thread.. Halloween costumes!

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I know this is totally early to be thinking about this but Ive started talking to the children about Halloween costumes. The kids want to do relating costumes (either all different princesses or all different fairies) including the baby. They are pretty set on doing "ballerina princesses": my oldest wants to be ballerina Cinderella in her wedding dress, the middle wants to be ballerina Rapunzel (because she wears purple eyesroll.gif) and they said their brother should be Prince Charming.. When I asked about the baby they said "shes going to be a ballerina Snow White", which I laughed at because we don't know if its a boy or girl.


Anyone have any ideas for Halloween costumes? I know its like SUPER early BUT with the babies being born in October I figure I'm going to have to make the costumes in July or August. The only problem with sewing your children's outfits orngbiggrin.gif I'm also a bit excited to be having a newborn for Halloween, I always wanted a tiny baby to dress up.

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I was actually thinking about this too (although I don't make my kids costumes). I'm actually hoping that I will be up to making it out on Halloween... Anyways, I remember baby gap having some adorable knit baby animal costumes in previous years so I'm really hoping to see something like that this year for the baby!
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yep we are thinking of  a "the labyrinth " theme.


dad as bluto, me as the hoarder lady. DSD as sarah, DS1 hoggle, DS2 as one of those red muppets that can remove their head, and new baby as the baby of course. :)

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I've been thinking of this too.  We did Princess Bride for Ds's first halloween, he was 3 months and had a tiny man-in-black costume.  Dh had a daddy sized man-in-black costume, and I made Buttercup's red dress, with zippers hidden in the princess seams so I could nurse.  It would be super cute to make Ds another man-in-black to fit him now, and make a baby buttercup dress if this one's a girl, but I really don't know that I'm going to be up to going to any halloween festivities.  I'm due on the 17th, and I had kind of a long post partum recovery last time. 

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We were JUST talking about this earlier this morning! We call our LO in the womb, the Pickle, so she or he will be a pickle for Halloween #1.  Heehee... can't wait! ROTFLMAO.gif

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ooh, thanks for the reminder.  I'll have to figure out my daughter's costume in advance, b/c I suspect I won't be up for much during the actual month of October.  She was tamago sushi last time, so I'll have to think of something equally good (and no-sew!) this time as well...


The baby is just going to have to make do with a Halloween themed sleeper :)

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I would like to make costumes this year.  We haven't really done halloween yet because DS has been so young up until now.  But if I'm gonna be dressing him up I want to dress up the new baby and maybe even me too.  I don't think I could get DH on board with costumes.  I like the pickle idea, ours would be a goldfish.  Maybe that's a trickier costume....  I actually had a dream a couple of months ago about shopping for fabric for halloween costumes and I was doing a space/alien theme.  Maybe...

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Space/aliens would be fun!

I wish my girls weren't so princess obsessed.. It like fighting a tidal wave. My SILs use to work for Disney, we use to live 20 minutes form Disney World etc so they are totally princess obsessed. I told them these will be the last princess costumes Ill be making for a while. I did get a break last year so I guess I should be happy. Last year they were a monkey, a cow girl and a giraffe.

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Due Date Club Crashing smile.gif Can we still do that? I felt a little weird joining, even though I fully expect not to have this baby until October!

DD was a superhero/superbaby last year (I put her in bright leggings, socks on top of the leggings, decorated a onesie with a superhero logo with her initials, made a cape out of a blanket, and slapped a bright red Fuzzibuns on the outside of all of it), and I thought about doing that again with a brand-new baby instead of a toddler.

But now I'm thinking something themed between the two of them might be fun ... the sushi idea sounds super-cute smile.gif
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