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diaper washing question

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diaper washing question- I have a top loader energy efficient washing machine. I am using oxyclean free and charlie's soap to wash them. i do a heavy wash on cold then a heavy washon hot. they come outlooking clean and sort of smelling clean but sort of with an underlying sent of poop. The baby is 13 days old and they did not sort of smell like poop before we started using them, although they are all previously used diapers.



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I have an HE top-loader too.  :)


Your diapers probably just aren't clean enough, hence the underlying scent of poop. 


My first thought is that the cold wash probably isn't doing much.  It doesn't for me.  Maybe our water is too cold or something. I've done cold pre-washes and the diapers still had breastmilk poop on them!  A warm pre-rinse or pre-wash will work better because bodily fluids are more soluble at those temperatures.  With a warm pre-rinse (at my mom's house in her front-loading machine; mine doesn't do warm rinses) the poop disappeared--you never would have known the diapers were dirty in the first place.  And that was without detergent!


What's the scoop (hehe) on your detergent?  How much, and when do you use it?  You may not be using enough, or Charlie's might not work well with your water, depending on hardness, etc. 


How often do you wash diapers?  How many are in a load?  If you've overloading, they don't get as clean.  (btdt)


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I use the little scoop that came with the charlie's. ( my friend bought a huge bucket but before that had been using the smaller ones, so she sold me some of her soap (she got it 2 years ago) and said that little scoop came with the smaller containers of charlies.  I did try using 2 scoops of it last time to no avail. we shouldn't have hard water as we were once looking into getting a water softner and the guy tested our water and was surprised by how good the water was. I will try doing a warm prewash.



I wash about every 2 days. I keep them in a dry pail before I wash.  I have done smaller and larger loads and they both have the lingering poo smell.


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Sounds like not enough water.  Do you have the option to add water to the load?  How about an auto soak option?  I'd start there. 


After the first wash, have you checked the dipes?  How do they look?  How do they smell?  After the first wash, they should look/smell pretty clean, even without anything more.  If they don't, then the routine needs to change. 


Also, what type of dipes are you using? 


And I'd be careful with Charlie's.  You don't want to be using that much.  I use half of the little scoop in the first rinse and half in the wash.  Too much Charlie's can cause skin burns, particularly if you're having problems with the dipes getting clean. 


You may also want to add a vinegar rinse.


What are you using on your clothes the rest of the time?  Is everything being washed in Charlies? 

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I don't think I can add water, it senses that stuff automatically. They do have a soak cycle though.


I will remember that about Charlie's from now on, didn't know that.


I used to use vinegar, I would put it in the fabric softner container, but someone told me that for vinegar to disinfect anything you'd have to use a whole lot of it.


diapers- I have a mix of pockets, flats, fitteds, prefolds and PUL covers.


I use charlie's sometimes and a powder tide other times.

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You might want to try the Tide on your diapers.  I know a lot of people say that that's what works best for them.  I also agree with Cristeen that you can divide the detergent between the two washes.  It helps get rid of the organic matter, and then your main wash is starting with much cleaner diapers. 


Every once in awhile I do use the presoak option on my wash.  Normally I don't have to do it, but if we've had an especially poopy day, I'll run that cycle (on mine it's like a full wash, soak, rinse, spin cycle) and then do the normal wash after it.  You might have to do that all the time, though hopefully not!  I hope you're able to find a nice and easy routine.


It doesn't sound like you're overloading or underloading or leaving them too long between washings at least.

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I'd try pre-rinsing the BM diapers in the toilet before the dry pail. Then wash a hot wash with regular Tide liquid, then a plain hot wash with nothing. Charlie's never got my diapers clean enough. Once a month a glut of bleach can go a long way too. I tried for a long time to use natural detergents, but in the long run only Tide got them really clean.

Can you add water in the top after the cycle has started?
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natural stuff worked in my old washer, but we have a new washer now and I guess I have to relearn how to wash the diapers. 


will be trying the various methods suggested until I find something that works, thanks so much for your input.

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