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(Secondary?) Infertility due to low sperm count - recommendations?

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My husband and I started TTC in 2007 when we were 26/7.  About a year and a half later we found out that my husband had low sperm count, 8 million as compared to 50 -150 million,  and poor motility.  We went through the grief process at the idea of not having children. He started smoking cigarettes and he quit his job.  We did not have any insurance and medical treatments were not an option.  We actually avoided "trying" as it was just crushing.  He found another job, and we have been eating farm food, and Aug. of 2010 he quit smoking. January 2011 we were totally surprised with a positive pregnancy test. One lucky egg? Did his numbers improve?  We don't know.  But we were happy.  She died at birth from an infection.  


We are now 7.5 months post-partum.  I had one tiny tear and one ill-fated stitch.  The stitch site hurt until a few weeks ago, it is still not perfect, but it is much better.  I tried to pump and donate but it didn't work out with family visiting for the funeral, then my having to travel for my grandfather's funeral.  I stopped pumping in October.  Regardless my milk still hasn't totally dried up.  


Last month was our first TTC month.  It was crushing to be trying" again and "failing" again. 


Anyways, hubby gained 20 pounds after she died.  He has lost some weight, but his cholesterol is really high and his vit.D is really low. 


He is on: 

Omega LDL red rice yeast

Saint John's Wort (depression)



I'm on: 

New Chapter pre-natals (looking for new ones due to the recent sell-out)


l-theanine (depression)

5-htp (depression)


fish oil

vit c


My cycle tends to be 18 days to Ovulate and 10-11 day luteal phase.  I've been exercising and he is hoping to get a gym membership with tax money.  


My question is: any vitamin/supplement recommendations for hubby (or me)? Or any thoughts on improving our TTC chances somehow?  (He doesn't wear whitey-tighties or use a lap-top....) 



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I dont have many suggestions but wanted to give you a hug. I am so sorry for your loss.
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Hello, Kristen. I’m sorry to read about your circumstances. You’ve been through so much.


My husband had a SA test done last fall and his first one also reveled only 8M.


We were told that numbers from only one test won’t give the whole picture – and that a man needs an average of at least three SAs. We haven’t had three, but we did have one more done.


In between the two tests we put him on a high dose of Vit C and Zinc and Selenium. The brand we buy is Solaray. His Vitamin C is 1000MG and the Zinc is 50MG, the Selenium is 200MCG. After about a month and a half of taking those his second count was 38M. Not the best, but in the “good” range according to my OBGYN.


Since that last test he has also begun taking Amazing Grass Wheat Grass tablets.


Have you heard of FertilAide? I think they make a gentleman’s formula, but I’ve never looked into it.


I also take New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal. What do you mean they’ve been sold? I haven’t heard that and since I read your post, I haven’t Googled it yet. That would be awful. This is about the 4th prenatal I’ve tried and the only one I’ve had any success with. I am very sensitive to iron and this one has been so easy on me. I’ve been taking them for almost the past 2 years.


I buy all of our supplements at Whole Foods. That way I can return them if they aren’t working out for us. This was helpful when I was trying to find a prenatal that worked for me. And since I pay almost 60 bucks for New Chapter, I would have returned them if they gave me trouble.


We also eat a lot of farm food. We live in the country in New England and we’re so lucky to have so much good food available locally. I'm glad this has helped.


Good luck with the weight and health issues. Both my husband and I are working on the same things. No gym for us though.


I wish you so much success. I’m going to “follow” you a bit – I really want you to have a happy ever after and very soon too.

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I'm just so sorry this happened to you. I have no advice but I wanted to tell you I read this and my heart went out to you.


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So sorry to hear of your loss. Sending you a big hug.  Have you read a book  called Inconceivable?  It's a great book.  It was written by a women who struggeled to conceive with a FSH of 42 (very bad).  She went on a self healing discovery and wound up pregnant 9 months or so later.   The follow up book called The Fertile Female which explains exactly how she did it.  It's nice was nice read a book written by a real woman who struggled with the same things that I struggle with.  Anyways it really helped to inspire me.  Wishing you a healthy take home baby really soon. : )

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Hi Kristen! 


I highly recommend looking into an acupuncturist that specializes in infertility! While our problem was motility, not count, his count still almost doubled!


I had read stories online and had seen women post on MDC their DH's before and after SA numbers and it all seemed too good to be true! My acupuncturist had even told me a story of how she treated a man that was over 60 and he was able to get his 40yr old wife pg! My DH had been going to the same acupuncturist I go to for other non-IF issues but when we learned his sperm were not moving well she started intense fertility work and electro-acupuncture on him. He's been going 1x a week for 3 months and (I don't have a copy of his exact numbers from his most recent SA but this is what I wrote down) his motility went from 16% to 50%! Count went from 78mil to 149mil! I was amazed! I don't even want to think about where she puts the needles though (and I don't ask!). Who cares it's working!


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Thank you all for your responses! I'm honored.  




Chloe'sMama - Thank you for the hug! 


Charley - Thank you for all of the info! I have heard of FertilAid...or I found it in my searches at least.  But I haven't had an actual recommendation from anyone.  As to New Chapter Proctor & Gamble bought them out.....=( The Whole Foods return policy is sweet.  We actually get ours for discount through hubby's work....this too is sweet! 


daurelia - Thank you! Is your avatar a picture of your puppy? So cute! We got a puppy at the New Year and she saved me.


Peanutgirl - I just recently heard of that book.  I just requested it from the library. Thanks for reminding me!


Sila- Hey! What's up? ...I've tried to get DH to do acupuncture...but he won't.  Maybe I just need to find research to try and convince him!.know of any? 




Thanks again ladies! You are sweet to try and help me out.  


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What, you mean our numbers aren't enough to get him to change his mind??? JK. The reason there isn't a lot of research about alternative methods is treatment with Eastern Medicine cannot be measured in the same way Western Medicine can and because Eastern and Western Medicine are so completely different, they really cannot be compared to each other. Check your insurance, some have really great coverage for acupuncture (ours is one of them) because it saves them money in the long run (because you don't end up needing to go to more expensive specialists)! He may actually find acupuncture very relaxing! Because it is! Until you get into the electro-acupuncture, that takes some time to learn to relax into.

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Sila - was your husband doing anything else, or just acupuncture?  I just read my husband your husbands improved numbers and he asked the question. =) 

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He also takes a multi vitamin (Rainbow Light), and B complex but I know he doesn't take them every day. He's made a few diet changes over the last year too. Eating less meat, green smoothies, fresh green juices. Fertility specific foods: Brazil nuts (selenium), pumpkin seeds (zinc), and figs because when he went for one of his blood draws for our IF testing the phlebotomist suggested them because figs look like testicles and something about food that looks like the body part is good for it (whatever, I've been buying him figs and he eats them all lol!). So no, nothing drastic really. Pretty much what everyone with sperm issues does. He'd been doing all of this stuff for about 3 months before the 16% motility SA, so I really do think the acupuncture in the next 3 months is what made the difference. I Googled and found a few results similar to ours :) Now we just have to get me to ovulate so DH's improved swimmers can have a chance!

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Hi Sila,

Month #2 TTC post loss has ended....on to month #3! 

I have heard about those food recommendations.  We have a bunch of food/health books out right now.  We just need to feel better, baby or no baby.  

He is supposed to get re-tested for vitD & cholesterol in June, so maybe they will test his testosterone and re-test his sperm count too?  Depends upon insurance.  But guys are supposed to have dietary changes make a difference to their reproductive stuff more quickly than ladies...so hopefully something helps! 

Thanks again for the info! 


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Anytime! Best of luck! Feel free to PM me any time as well! Definitely get his hormones checked out - not just testosterone. If something is off that may be causing problems with count and motility it is usually fairly easy to fix!

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I follow a page on www.babycenter.com about trying to conceive after vasectomy reversal which is our problem. As you know from glow. Anyway, even though you're not dealing with reversal issues there is alot of good advice on there. They also have a male factor infertility board. Also interesting. See you on glow sweetie!


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