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We just moved here in August so I had to go with a totally different care provider than my last birth, and a totally different birth. There's a group of midwives here that are supposed to be really great so I'm meeting with them Thursday. I'll be eight weeks along and I was pretty surprised that they'd see me this soon. With the other kids, I didn't see anyone until I was about ten weeks along. This looks just an intake visit, and they sent a whole form detailing how long it would take (40 minutes for each intake (there's two) including meeting with the midwife). Seems a little long to me but we'll see. Nothing about confirming pregnancy or an ultrasound. I'd like one as I'm pretty unsure about dates this time around. 

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I would like very little prenatal care as well. I'd like to hear the heartbeat starting around 12 weeks (will buy a doppler and use at home sparingly) and an anatomy scan at 22 weeks, my last scan with my son was at 19 weeks and I had to go back a few weeks later for a more accurate view-so why not just wait? I'd like a midwife, we will be moving in August so this is going to be tricky. I might set it up so that I can get a doc and scan here for a brief time and then when we move try and secure a midwife. I will get in touch with one beforehand. That's my idea as of now. :)

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I usually avoid care.
I now know why!
My pregnancy was so "medicalized" with me having been on the pill,
Had 3 betas, 10 pee on a sticks (2 false +, then 2 negatives, then 6+)
an ultrasound at just under 5 weeks, my midwife saying thumbs up,
My GP diagnosed "non viable" based on my first HCG...but then it doubled perfectly!
My uterus is growing nicely, my mw is my good friend I got her to feel and give me an
Internal!!! Exterior every 2-3 days. I got every symptom in spades

Usually I pee I'm pregnant see you at 4 months.
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Chicajones, do you know that the medicaid programs base eligibility for a pregnant mom on your family size AFTER THE BABY IS BORN?  I.e., when you look at the income charts, you look under 3 people if this is your first baby (or 6 people if it's your 4th baby like me eyesroll.gif).

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Thanks MamaBeakley! That's good to know. I think we still do not qualify, but I have a friend who might and I don't think she new about counting the expected family size rather than the "current" size (although I guess we really do currently have 3 in our family)! 


Thankfully, the only things (hopefully) I'll need to pay out for is blood work, the Glucose test (blech) and our one U/S (around 21 weeks). If I stay low-risk and everything is normal, then all of my other pre-natal care will be a barter until we get to the UK, when it will be covered by NHS.

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I'll have my first appt. at the end of this week, so I'll be almost 11 weeks.  This is the earliest I've ever been seen before!  My first baby I had my first appt. at 13 weeks, and my second I think around the same time.  I try not to stress too much in the first trimester...so much is uncontrollable during this time.  I'm glad I have midwives with the same philosophy :-) 

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