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Please help...10 months and do NOT want to quit!!

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I could definitely use some suggestions and support. Long story short...my DD is ten months. I have been very determined to nurse her (plan was to do so until she decides to wean). I have literally been in pain since day one. We have been through two frenotomies for posterior tongue tie, multiple doctor, lacation consultant, cranio, and chiro visits, treated for possible thrush and/or bacterial infection, vasospasms, and literally spent thousands of dollars. I want so much to nurse DD and she loves it. But the pain is excruciating. I have seen the top LC's in my state multiple times. They agree her latch is perfect. They are at a loss...say I am the toughest case they just can't figure out. I mean...what do I do!?!?!?? I am going to dermatologist tomorrow to rule out anything topical or systemic. If I exclusively pump for a few days pain lessens but doesn't go away. Also it is like there is pinhead hole/crack on each side that will not heal. The pain is worst during first latch on via her or the pump...like it is rebreaking open the hole/crack.  If it isn't something to do with me it has to be something she is doing and it is my guess it is. But what!?!? Any ideas? Please help I don't want to quit, but I don't know what else to do.

Thank you!!!!
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Has she been assessed by a speech therapist who specializes in breast feeding issues? I had pain for 6 months with what looked like a perfect latch from the outside. Turned out she was bunching her tongue at the back of her mouth instead of pushing it forward over her lower gum line. The speech therapist diagnosed the problem and gave us exercises to correct it. The pain was gone in less than a fortnight.
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Just sending my support desi, so sorry you guys are still having so much trouble :( Unfortunately I don't have any new revelations since we talked. I hope it gets better for you and I hope you know that whatever you do at this point you are an AWESOME mommy for doing all you've done for so far!!

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Kendra-oh thanks for your support. I wish I could have reported we were doing better!

Katelove-one of the LCs did have us see an occupational therapist, but not a speech one. It doesn't seem like her tongue isnt over the gum, as I don't feel her teeth and I can usually see it. But I have always thought it almost felt like after the second frontomy, and I even mentioned it to LC, that I wonder if htongue was bunching at the back cause it almost does feel like pinch/rubbing at the tip of the nipple. How did the speech pathologist diagnose your LO? And would you be so kind as to tell me what sorts off exercises you did?

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I'm always on the lookout for posts like this.  I was like you and no one could figure out why I was in pain.  I was finally sent to a pain specialist when DS was 5 months old and she said I was having nerve pain and put me on Cymbalta and propanolol (a vaso-constrictor) and that combination was a miracle for me.  It wasn't overnight but after about 3-4 weeks, I was really feeling a difference.  I went off of both about 2 months ago (DS is 14 months now), because the Cymbalta was so expensive and I have had a slight return of the pain so I really do think that nerve pain is what it was for me.  I will go back on it if I need to but right now, I'm ok.  It's was so hard being in pain for THAT long.

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