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Experiences with unisom?

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I'm so miserable I'm considering trying the unisom/b6 combo that I've heard has worked for others, but I was wondering if anyone has any firsthand experience with it. If so, I'd love to know if it worked for you and if so, how long after you started taking it did you begin to get relief? I've heard lots of people say they take it at night but have also heard that people sometimes take it in the morning or in smaller doses several times throughout the day, any reason that I should consider taking it at any time other than bedtime?



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I've been taking b6 since I got my BFP...not sure how well it's working but my nausea hasn't been terrible this time.

I've never felt the need to go further to the unisom but I was told the B6 needs to be taken every day.

I take 100mg in the morning.  I think I took it every pregnancy except my first and my first was definitely the worst in terms of MS.

That could be because I'm used to it now but who knows...


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I take 1/2 Unisom and 100 mg B6 before bed.  It helps.  It seems to take the edge off my misery.  I still feel bad, but somehow it is slightly less misery. 


I haven't tried it taking it later in the day b/c I'm worried it will knock me out, and I've got 4 kids to take care of.  I wonder about it though b/c by lunchtime,  I seem to feel back to totally miserable.

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I was wondering about it, too. I have to be up by 6:30 every morning so I was wondering if it leaves you with that groggy feeling that Tylenol PM can...

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I take half a tablet of unisom and 50mg of b6 at night.  I got relief the first night after taking it.  It was awesome. Very noticeable.  It does't' take it away completely, but definitely takes the edge off.  It makes the ms much more bearable.  I feel pretty decent most mornings now, and then seem to get worse in the afternoon.  


I do feel pretty tired taking the unisom, but I'm okay with that.


I tried taking another 50mg of b6 in the morning, but that almost seemed to make it worse??? Not sure why.  

I think I'm definitely going through a worse phase right now, and hope this passes soon.  I'm meeting with my mw on tuesday and plan to ask her about when should i stop taking it, or attempt to stop taking it.  


All in all, highly recommend the unisom and b6.  I wish I had taken it during my first two pregnancies.  It definitely takes the edge off.  I can eat more food, aren't repulsed by everything, can even cook a little.  Try it!!

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Just an FYI for any of you thinking of using Unisom. Unisom can mean two different drugs. They have one kind of Unisom, which is the exact same drug as benadryl (diphenhydramine). The other kind of Unisom is doxylamine, which is the one sometimes prescribed for morning sickness. Not that diphenhydramine is bad - it's considered very safe for pregnancy - but it's not the 'right' one for morning sickness. So be careful which Unisom you buy!


ETA: it seems that some sites are saying it's the diphenhydramine that's for morning sickness, and others are saying it's the doxylamine. Wikipedia says doxylamine is used for m/s, but it doesn't say the same about diphenhydramine. So... I don't know. If it works for you, use it, and if it doesn't try the other one. thumb.gif

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Dealea86, yes good point!  One I believe comes in the gel caplets, the other is the sleeptabs.  You want the sleep tabs, NOT the gels.

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