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drool rash

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my 6 mth old developed a rash on her chin, neck and chest and i can't get it to go away. i keep it dry, air it as much as possible considering all the slobber. i tried lotrimin for yeast(my oldest had yeast in her neck at that age), and lanolin to protect it. she scratches it so i can see it's itchy. it's red and rough/dry feeling on her chest and chin(those are patches), and is spreading into red bumps across all her neck rolls. she only has breastmilk and some veggies and oatmeal with no additives, but my diet is awful. any ideas?

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I actually got on here for just the same reason. My 5 1/2 month old has a terrible rash from drooling. I took him to the ped two weeks ago bc it wasn't going away and I had tried everything from dabbing the drool constantly, putting unpetrolium jelly on it and even the over the counter cortisone. She prescribed me harsher cortisone, but even that isn't working. greensad.gif my little guy is also itchy and his face looks so rough. I'm currently cutting dairy from my diet to see if it's possibly an allergy. greensad.gif good vibes to you mama... Suggestions would be helpful though....
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i cut dairy for a different reason and even after weeks nothing changed with the rash. have you tried lotrimin? it worked with my oldest at this age. maybe i let this one get too bad, i don't know! i'd hate to use cortisone so young :(

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Hiya Mamas

Sounds like we're all in the 6 month red zone...over here my boys rash started as cradle cap and became a nasty itchy rash all over his head/face. I keep mittens on him for naps and bedtime, but he still manages to gouge his forehead and cheeks, making him look like a wee Edward Scissorhands : (

Anyway, I've tried olive oil which generally cuts the itch short term, as well as baking soda in the bath and gently (wet on a washcloth) rubbed on his head. My Mom has actually sat w/ cucumber slices and stuck them all over his face (hilarious to watch, only something an Oma would attempt!).

I've so far avoided cortizone but as we speak I can hear him wimpering b/c it's keeping him up @ night. Boooooo...what to do?

There's a company in the States that makes a Badger Balm and I found the baby version, called Baby Balm. It's calendula and camomile and I smear that stuff all over him a couple times a day. It's definitely taken the redness out and is gentle on his baby skin. Haven't had any bad reaction and he loves the smell and little tin to play with...

Oh, I've also read wheat and soy can be allergens for babes, dunno if either of you are addicted to a fine chai latte, but that's my crux ; )


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Drool rash here too. We were just at the pedi so I mentioned it to her and she said maybe some coconut oil would help. But I haven't gotten out to get some yet. We are using Weleda baby calendula cream and it's not gone but it's not worse. Our pedi said to try to keep it dry and covered and when the weather warms up it will go away. I put two shirts on DS today because he yanks off his drooly bibs. Lil stinker that he is. Good luck mamas and post if you find something that works.
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I happened to have an appointment at the wellness / birth center my son was born in on Friday and popped into their baby boutique while I was there and asked the store associate what she recommended and she told me a lot of people have had good luck with cj's BUTTer. So I bought a small little tube figuring it was worth a shot. It is AMAZING people. Ds' eczema is almost unnoticeable and he hasn't been itching at all. It went from weeping and bright red on Friday to his beautiful 95% clear skin in TWO days. It's super Duper cheap online and has Shea butter, cocoa butter and sesame oil in it, so you could probably just make it at home? But i am in awe how wonderfully this worked for us.
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I just came on for the same reason too! my DS is only 11 weeks old though and he's had a rash on his cheeks, chin, and shoulders for the past week or so. He's so little I dont know if its itching him or not really but he doesn't seem bothered by it. I've been using burts bees miracle salve on it which has helped some, but it is only going away really slowly... maybe I'll have to give the BUTTer a try?

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ok, y'all...for a week i have been using aveeno baby lotion with oatmeal in it along with keeping it dry and it's almost gone! it had gotten to the point where it itched so bad she was just gouging at it all the time, even in her sleep. my mil had the adult version of this lotion which we used at her house, then when we were at walmart i saw the baby version and bought it. if anyone else tries this, let me know! fyi, a little bit of this lotion goes a long way.

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