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the flu

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have any of you moms had the flu during your pregnancy? have you read about any of the links between fever and autism? schizophrenia?


i read these and they totally freaked me out.


if any of you have had the flu - with fever, etc. - please tell me your thoughts. 


thank you and aloha! jay

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1st pregnancy i had the flu shot- BECAUSE the hospital I worked for REQUIRED it. :P 


This time, I honestly cannot CANNOT remember if I got a flu shot or not, I may have- as I mentioned in another thread, DH works in a hospital and brings home every creeping crawling cootie there is. 


So no I haven't had it while pregnant and I can't IMAGINE being that miserable! 

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I had it with my first.  She turned out fine, but I was miserable.  

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hi ladies,


thanks for the input. i know now why they offer the flu shot to pregnant women - getting the flu is horrendous when pregnant. at the same time, baby and i have already been exposed to the flu now - so now we have the antibodies to protect against future nasty germs....


have a lovely weekend!



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I would NOT get the flu shot while pregnant... it's contraindicated in the vaccine insert. The connection between fever and autism sounds like fear mongering to me... fevers happen. Illnesses happen. I think some people like to grasp at straws if there is something 'wrong' and blame whatever they can.


That said, I'm sorry you had the flu and hope you are feeling better very soon.

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