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Strong kicking at 14 weeks????

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I am just 14 weeks today and haven't felt the baby move yet....until tonight ( I think). DH and I were just sitting on the couch and a swear this baby gave my a huge boot,  It feels like when I was 7 months pregnant with DS, like if I'd been looking I would have seen my belly jump. Then again a few min later, not quite as strong but strong enough.

I'm pretty excited, it was cool....but I'm not sure if its possible :) I guess I'll have to wait and see in the next day or two!


anyone else feel movement that strong so soon?

I'd love to hear how the rest of your babes are moving

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Oooh! That's so cool! I'm jealous. I'm 14 weeks 5 days and haven't felt movement yet. I didn't until about 18 weeks with my daughter, but I've read you notice it earlier in subsequent pregnancies? The doppler did pick up a few good kicks at our midwife's appointment on Tuesday, so I know he/she is busy in there.

Enjoy your little jumping bean!

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ahhh So exciting! 


In fact, I am relieved to see that someone else posted about this. lol, I started feeling my lo at 10 weeks...just light rolling little movements...what I would call the first flutters. They've only gotten stronger and more often, and it's to the point where I can count on feeling him or her first thing in the morning, right before bed, and shortly after I eat or drink throughout the day. Today I felt the first movement from the outside of my belly. It was a soft little thump...internally, it felt like a stronger movement than what I'd been feeling, but from the outside it was just a light little pop outward against my palm. But still! Crazy to feel such a thing so early!!!


This is my second and I felt flutters with my first starting at 12 weeks, and the first kick at 16 weeks. So, I did assume I'd feel things a bit earlier with this one just by default, but still so exciting!

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i'm feeling little one moving around also!!!  only one or two big kicks/punches, but most definatly baby.  I feel the flutters when I'm laying down and paying attention.  (like right now!)

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I can't distinguish between baby flutters or gas/digestion.  I'm just starting my 16th week. First time pregnant. 

I am looking forward to feeling strong kicks - I can't wait!

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