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The baby picture thread

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because babies are squishy and cute!!



Coraline has big square hands like me and her grandmsa. solid working hands.



in the hat Hubs wore at our wedding.

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oh my gosh she is adorable!  I was really wanting a thread like this!  I will be back!

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So cute!!!!

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Oh my goodness she is so cute and precious!!! I think her pictures just made me contract. winky.gif Thank you for starting this thread, I was going to say that we needed a thread dedicated to baby pictures! joy.gif

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Here's DH and Tavian when he was just a day old.

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ashley they are so sweet together!


sunning bc a little yellow




sitting and listening to daddy



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Originally Posted by saudade View Post

Oh my goodness she is so cute and precious!!! I think her pictures just made me contract.

I guffawed.

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Oh, my!  So, so cute! Flavorful - I love the quizzical/concerned look on his face!

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OMG! Could you ladies torture me, any more!!! Your babies are gorgeous!!!!
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Sorry, I couldn't decide which photos to post! Here is Violet...


photo 1-1.JPG








I love seeing everyone's babies!!

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OMG I LOVE BABIES. Coraline is stunning (omg that little dress) and Tavian looks like such a serious young man already. Violet & big brother are seriously giving me the misty eyes.


Keep 'em coming, ladies. I know where I'll be for the next 10 or so days.

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With big sister Elle. We really need to name her soon...

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Here is a photo of Eleanor and I in the hospital the day she was born. My brother took it and we have all been laughing because it looks like I am scolding her. Of course who would scold a fresh new baby, lol. This was such a great day for my immediate family. I've never felt so much love for my DH, DSS, mother, father, brother and SIL than I did on the day of her birth. I feel like she was truly welcomed into our family in the way she deserved, with complete and total love. 



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baby Scarlet, my bundle of 'squishy cuteness'



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OMG what beautiful babies! They are all amazing!

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Oh they are all so adorable. This is an awesome thread.
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I can hardly believe that I'm posting pictures in this thread! Here's my little Lennon:


lennon waterbirth.jpg






Beautiful babies, everyone! Love this thread!

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Oh boy, Lennon's rolls. I  love it!


My sister took some pictures of my boy (still no name) on day three.  Here's the first she's sent me:


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Great pic Jennyvangy, he is adorable!

Saudade, how big was Lennon? She is beautiful!!

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Originally Posted by jmay View Post

Saudade, how big was Lennon? She is beautiful!!


She was 9 lbs. 2 oz. and unbelievably chubby, especially in the face! Here's another picture of her and all her chins. LOL! She isn't nursing well though and my milk hasn't come in yet...she was already down to 8 lbs 11 oz 24 hours after her birth and I expect she'll have lost an entire pound before my milk comes in. She was my biggest baby. Such a chub.


lennon chins.jpg

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