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Courtney - I love the family photo!

A friend took some photos of us, but Odin was so tired we barely caught him with his eyes open.


We were hoping to see his laugh-smile:

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Oh Mama- that belly!  Squee!

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Rosie: oh my goodness! What a sweetie!

Here's Holden making cute faces. He got the baby acne too.

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Holden and Heron have very similar baby faces and baby acne, so I feel this huge surge of love for your little guy!

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I *think* we have settled on Emrys for his name....

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Maybe-emrys is adorable.

Keep posting pictures mamas, I LOVE them!
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Here is Ursa's smile


All these babies are so cute! Love them all!


and one more...so you can see her fantastic hair lol.gif



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bahahahah!  what amazing little faces!! rosie's hair is almost exactly like that but almost black.  Does Ursa have a little wee mullet growing in the back?
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itsy- you need to photoshop a picture of a mirror into that last one of Ursa-- it really looks like she is checking out her own hair and a bit shocked at what she sees.  :)  I love it.  And what a smile!


Jess- for some reason, Emrys (love the name, btw) makes me think of him as a teenager in that photo-- he looks so poised and aware of himself somehow.  beautiful face.


daylicious-- what is it about that little light in their eyes that makes you think they are having fun?  i can totally see it in Holden's eyes in that photo.  


Here's one of Mo at about 4 weeks, grinning at me suspiciously.  


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Juliet 2 weeks.jpg


Here is a photo of Juliet at just over 2 weeks.

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3 weeks and giving me a little eyebrow up there.



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oh my goodness they are all so cute!


rosie- what an amazing smile and sweet belly. funny to see the tongue tie curve that I saw in my ds :)


day- he is definitely saying something there, i love baby faces


jess- i love the name and such a thoughtful babe


itsy- i cannot get over her hair or expressions, both are awesome


aletheia- that grin is just asking for those cheeks to be kissed!


adore- oh my gosh that picture is just beautiful, did you do professional ones with each kid?


arby- love the expression and what a bruiser, so cute


ok, here are some shots of my sweet p:


asleep at the park




Just wondering why mom is making silly noises to try to get a smile. girl makes you work for it



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joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif !
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Here's Atticus at just 4 days old.  My sister took the pictures and is just getting them back to me now.  His skin was sooooo bad that she had to do a lot of editing.

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Cute Cute Babies!


Itsy - Your DD is so stinkin cute! In our family we tend to have kids with the best most hilarious facial expressions so they are closed to our hearts.


Arby - Your tiny big boy reminds me of my Charlie. He was my little Sumo Wrestler. He is perfect.


Jenny - Atticus is beautiful.


Flavor - Your DD is such a little peanut.


My sister took Juliet's pictures. I would say she is semi-pro. She didn't take newborn pictures of any of my other kiddos. She does a wonderful job and I am so glad that she was able to come and take them!

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I've been out of the loop. All but one class is now finished and I got through my friends wedding. So I am back and I had to look at all of these beautiful babies first!!!


Courtney- You all look so great! Beautiful little girls!


RosieL- I love Odin's expressions!


Daylilicious- Eleanor does the tongue thing too. Holden is adorable!


Jess- Emrys is a wonderful name, love it!


Itsy- Ursa is such a character! Love the hair!


Alethia- Mo looks like he is up to something!


Adoremybabe- She is precious!


Arbybee- He is sweet, love the eyebrow!


flavorfull- The eyes on her are to die for! She is a very gorgeous baby!


Jenny- Atticus looks so content!


Here are some of Eleanor. 


After a 3 am nursing session.




6 weeks old and outside for some sun!



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LOVELOVELOVE them ALL! love.gif Has everyone on the announcement thread posted pics now? I'd love to see a collage of all our babes.


cseky- noticed you weren't around for a while... glad you're back. The pic of you and Eleanor is classic!

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csesky - I can see a resemblane to you for sure! so sweet :)
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Annie at 3 weeks!

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