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Mamachick - Your Annie is adorable! Is Annie her full name? We have an Annie too but her full name is Annalise.

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annie is so cute!


cesky- she totally looks like you and what a cute nose!

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Mama chick: gorgeous! Love the hat!

Arbybee: awww he does look like my Holden! What a sweetie!

Flavorful: those eyes! Beautiful!
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little smiles! rosie at 4 weeks one day old.
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I seriously love all these babies love.gif


I have a few pics to share :) Here's my little Fina at 3 weeks old.



This was taken at 6 days PP.  I love.gif this photo!!



Again....taken the same day. Felina slept through 2.5 hrs of pictures...she was a dream:)


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Tula- love them, especially the one of all the kids! and hooray for sleeping, Coraline would not sleep at all for hers.


Annie is a cute one mamachick.

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Okay, so I have finally made my birth announcement. I wish I could send it to each of you, but I will post it here instead, and let my Grandma get one in the mail. 

new atticus announcement.jpg


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so sweet!  i love the guitar photo, we'll have to try that with rosie!
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Love it, Jenny!
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I love all these pictures!!! So cute! I really need to get Lennon to a photographer because I suck at taking pictures. I was FINALLY able to capture her smile today, though. Here's Lennon's smile at 5 weeks old:


IMG_0038 edit.jpg

And a picture of her in her woolies before summer hits us here!




She is still a little peanut!

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Ack!  I just realized that I haven't managed to post any pictures of Rowan during our extended babymoon.


Here he is brand new and squishy: 


Photo Apr 09, 1 54 23 AM.jpg



And enjoying a little play time at almost seven weeks:


Photo May 23, 10 30 03 AM.jpg

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Originally Posted by adoremybabe View Post

Mamachick - Your Annie is adorable! Is Annie her full name? We have an Annie too but her full name is Annalise.

Yes! Just Annie. Well, Annie Faith with her middle name. We had a list of girl names & when we saw her she didn't look like any of them! She looked like an Annie smile.gif

All the babies are so precious!!
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tula- love the two professional photos!  so cute.


jenny- i want one of those little gnome hats- the knitted one with the point on the top.  maybe one for me, too.


so good to "meet" rowan!


and saudade, i love lennon's woolies.

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Finally got one of Coraline smiling...and she's 2 months now!

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At the one-month checkup, he weighed 15lb 10oz. He is the biggest baby I have ever seen and I love him so so much.

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Holden checking himself out in the mirror.


Cuddling with his Edmonton Oilers hockey bear wink1.gif
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they are all getting so big! i am really sad we dont live closer in real life, it would be so much fun!


here is Ursa



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Here is Violet at her newborn shoot, just about a week old.




Here she is at 6 weeks, I finally captured her awesome smile =)



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the smiles are killlllling me. do we have the cutest babies? yes we do.

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Oh wow, everyone's babies are soooooo  adorable!


I've been remiss in posting pics, so here are a few of Tasmyn. She'll be four weeks old in a few days. Seeing all these lovely pics makes me want to dress her up in something adorable and do some more professional-looking ones. The pics we have are all fairly ordinary snapshots with our cheapo camera.


tasmynawake1week.jpgtasmyn 1 week sleepy smile.jpg

Tasmyn 3 weeks old.jpg

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