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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Anyone else take pictures on your phone of cute faces and expressions only to realize that you can't share the picture with everyone because baby is sucking boob and there's way too much areola in the shot? redface.gif

(I would probably share here if I could post from phone, but not Facebook!)
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Lennon - 4 days old (Yes, she was named after John Lennon) winky.gif

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Here's a picture of Timothy at 4 days old.


Photo on 2012-04-21 at 20.42.jpg

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Saudade- That is one adorable baby! I love the name also! I have a cousin named Lennon Grace and she is quite an amazing little girl. :)


Alethia- Gorgeous little man! He looks so content!


Here we are at 15 days old and she weighs 6 lbs 11 ounces. DH was lurking around with the camera and got this shot of us. We are truly in our babymoon here.



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These are some gorgeous babies! This thread isn't helping with my impatience! Lol
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Ohhh, the cuteness is too much! 

Such beautiful photos of babies (and mamas). I agree with Carolyn, this is only making me feel impatient to meet my own little one!

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Here is Piper and her new baby sister Ellie.




Ellie at 8 days old.



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sqweeeeee! all your babies are soooo cute! here is Urša day 2 :)



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I am so jealous of all the cuteness!!  joy.gif

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Here is Peregrine at 3 days... look deep into my eyes...




And at nearly 4 days with his big sister, Wilhelmina...


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loving the photo's!


i LOVE lennon's shirt and totally want it.


and Timothy looks like a distingushed old man, I love it.


and peregrine, like I said on facebook, a wise old soul.


as for nip pics, yep, totally. The first pics I took of Josie seeing her sister in the morning all have my boob in them...and I wasn't even nursing. LOL.



Coraline and Turbo napping



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oh my goodness they are all soooo beautiful!  I keep trying to remember to upload photos and I desperately want a pic when she is smiling but have yet to get it, sneaky smiler, too stealth.  These babies are sooo precious, our DDC is rockin' it if I do say so myself :)



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Love these photos!  This is my favorite thread to get updates about.  Squishy cheeky cuteness!

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I know I just posted pictures but we had a new development today, she lifted her head when I lay her on her belly so I could do up her buttons.



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Great photos! I love the tummy time shot!
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wow courtney, she is obviously advanced  :)  i love this thread, please, more pics!!

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Here's Cayleigh Teagan!


Cayleigh T Sage (6).JPG         Cayleigh T Sage (13).JPG 

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I love the look on her face in the first one, super cute Bela.


oh and mom2girls- Piper's face at seeing her sister is priceless.

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bela she is so cute and so small in the carseat, sweet girl!


Here is phoebe sleeping on daddy



baby cheeks.jpg


Sleeping in chair




Talking to our pillow 



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