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AH! You guys have such lovely babies! Im so happy you are all still here :) Please keep posting joy.gif

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Here's Clare at 9 weeks


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Rosie's so cute on the piano!

I love Cora in the swing. Cute!

Clare's lips are so smoochable! What a doll!

Here's Holden in the tub. He loves his bath the most.

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Squee!  Those rolls on Holden are scrumptious!  And what beautiful eye shape little Clare has.  


Love Cora's little petal butt.  So cute.  And Rosie's pictures look like they are ready to line the notes to her first album.  :)


Don't you love how Cayleigh and Nora both have the same sort of "deer in the (happy) headlights" look to them in the photos with their big brothers?  That's how Mo gets too-- he's on high alert when they are around because there is so much happening when they are around!


This is an older photo, from 2008 when my first was 2 and my second was weeks old.

9.14 011.jpg

And here is one of Mo looking at his middle brother just this last month.  :)  In other words, the kid on the left in both pictures is the same kid.  :)  



And here's just one more of Mr. Timothy all by himself.  :)



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Here's Emrys at 2 months, with his big bro Rocco (sorry the pic is so big, I couldn't make it smaller)

All these babies here are so cute, and they are getting so big so quickly, even my little guy just doesn't seem so tiny anymore.  

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Rocco and Emrys look so much alike.


Altheia, yours too, although the biggest two have the same ears and the middle boys are a bit different. super cool that you have those matching pictures.


Holden's chubbiness is fabulous, I wish I could hold that fat little baby.


Clare's lips are totally smooshy, I just love them.


I got the best picture yet of the four girls



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Love the sibling pics! If only my DS would stay still long enough to get some more of the two together. I thought I would share a picture of Cayleigh's first big accomplishment. Sitting in her bumbo chair like a big girl at 12wks.



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I need to get Lennon one of those chairs! She turns 3 months tomorrow and already loves exersaucing!



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Good to see Lennon likes her saucer. I guess it's not too early for me to try Mo in the Johny Jump-Up?  I'll give it a go this week!  He is 3 months today.

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I bet if he likes to stand a lot (Lennon wants to stand almost constantly, that's why I tried her in this and she loves it!) Then I bet the Johnny Jump Up would be great!

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I love this thread. I can't believe how big all these babies are getting. 


Here are my girls (on the left) and my best friend's girl being mermaids at the beach last week. At some point I want to photoshop the tails into real fins. :)


Louisa isn't really miserable in this picture, she just tends to looks grumpy/worried when her sister is holding her. I probably would too, if I were her...




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My little butter ball:



Lennon at 3 months and almost 14 lbs!


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so cute, and I see the line of drool down her chest, Coraline is also very drooly

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Wow saudade! She really has plumped up!!!!! It's sooo cute to see some pudge on her, she is truly adorable.

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Lennon is looking so cute and chubby! :) That shot of her in the exersaucer is making me think about getting one for Nora. Or a jumpy thing. She loves to stand. 


Nora at the lake in a wrap hammock:


With Kai:




And a nursing shot:




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rosebud also loves to stand and somebody gifted us a hideous pink excersaucer that i wasn't sure we would ever use, but she loves it! Also, Nora in the hammock is the cutest thing ever.

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Hello big man. 3 months.

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Love these chubsters! Cheeks! Thighs!
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We finally got a picture of the smile!


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Cute babies!!! Gah!



A rare picture of mama and Lennon...I just don't have enough of us together!




Already sitting up (bad pic)



And some BIG smiles

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