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Rosebud is adorable!

Holy moly, go Ursa go! Does she get up there on her own?

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Here's Lennon's 5 month picture...she's 18 lbs 2 oz now.


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Look at her sitting up! I haven't taken Juliet in to the Dr. since 2 months but put her on the scale and at 4 1/2 months she was 18-19 lbs! She is a chunker and I love it!

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I love that photo of lennon <3

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Lennon! You are awesome! 

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That's awesome Ursa!! And I'm loving the hair!

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Cruising?!  Yikes!  So glad to see Lennon has become a chubster.  We haven't weighed our monkey for a while, but I suspect around 16 pounds.  Here he is!







(Sitting up is new this last week, at 5 months on the nose!)

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Weighed Etta for her 5 month birthday this weekend and she is 19.5 pounds!
Here is the only picture I have of her showing off her two teeth which are growing fast! The big open mouthed smiles always seem to be accompanied by a lot of wobbling, so the shots all come out blurry ...
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Teeth?! Wow! That's awesome!
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awe- etta is adorable!

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love Etta's teeth and what a great smile.



Aletheia, i love his eyebrows in that middle one.


what a beautiful picture of Lennon!!


and Ursa's hair is AWESOME> Coraline also cruised the other day, I had no camera on me, then today she crawled (she is very good at army crawling and can get all over the house), like hands and knees crawled but by the time I got the video going she popped down to an army crawl, the little booger.


Rosebuds a doll


Kaismum, that brother sister picture is so cute, we have a lot of that going on her, but you know all sisters.


Coraline pulls to standing

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Cora is such a cute little peanut!



My little smoochie.
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Oh my goodness, the adoable factor of each and every baby is unbelievable! Everyone is growing and moving and shining...I love coming on here after a long day and just marveling at all of our babies. love.gifjoy.gif

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I swear we all have the cutest babies of any DDC!!!


Here's another pic of Lennon from last week-


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Loving these photos!  I think, though it may be time to do a side-by-side comparison.  I officially call for folks to post a side-by-side of their babe as a newborn and at 6 months, when they reach that point in this next month or so.  Sound good?  They've all changed so much!

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sounds good. Cora has a few days.

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Ooh fun! One more month for Holden.
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Yay!  It will be fun.  Maybe we should start a new thread for that.

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Fun idea! Yes, I believe a new thread would be in order. :) 


Here is Odin's passport picture:


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LOVE Odin's passport picture. Ursa wasnt nearly so cute in hers ROTFLMAO.gif

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