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Odin is awesome in that photo! The Canadian govt would never accept that picture for our passports though. We had to get E's taken (and mailed them in, witnessed and with birth certificate enclosed, no less) THREE times before they finally accepted one. We were rejected because there were shadows behind her ears once, the photo was 'blurry' another time ... In the final photo she has spit up on her chin but apparently that's ok! Now we just need to travel out of country before it expires in 2015 to make all that effort worthwhile!
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every baby is adorable! and i definitely want to do the birth/six mo photos, we have about a week!  here are some pictures of phoebe on our beach trip!




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lala - Yeah, I hope our trips work out to make the process of getting one worthwhile. We have a trip to vancouver planned for March, possibly Iceland/Finland next summer, and I'm *hoping* a quick trip to Naples to visit a friend stationed over there this winter...

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Here is Ursa! We are in Denmark now for the winter, at least another year here. This is last weekend, we went to a sheep sheering festival. And one of us nursing because I never thought i would make it tandem this long :) Still going strong! And look at Ursa's lovely chunky thigh!

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My sis took some 6 month pics. I love this boy!

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Wow, great photos Jenny!
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love the photos!

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