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Here are a few of my big boy Jack!


IMG_1135.JPG                     IMG_1188.JPG


IMG_1191.JPG   IMG_1211.JPG

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flavorful, phoebe is so cute, i love her little nose.


rosie, i love the arm over the face.


erin i love jack's little lips.


ashley i love the picture of the 3 of you ...and the blanket

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sooo cute! love all the sibling pictures joy.gif

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Yay babies!!! I love looking at all of your littles!!!


Here's Wulfric in a shirt dh made for him





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Heron with big brother Rowan. I said to Rowan, don't you think you might scare the baby? "No! He doesn't think it is scary, he thinks it is very cool."



Face I love the most.

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Our girl. I think we finally have a name for her (day 10!) but need to run it by her big brother tonight before we make it official.
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Here's Collin's newborn photos!




ok so apparently i can only do this one as the other one i wanted you all to see is "too big" ???  I"ll try to catch a few quick photos with my camera so you can see his hair and his eyes!!!!

anyway...it's a start!

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Chiro, that is ridiculously cute!


Have been meaning to post a pic but well, life has taken on a very amorphous, dreamlike quality of late. Must be my days and nights are mixed up?


Like lalazap we are finalizing our girl's name, which is the other reason I keep postponing pic/announcements etc. Haven't even done the FB announcement yet! Which I feel stupid about, as she is over two weeks old and our family's are waiting for the pic stuff. Yet I don't want to announce until we have the name complete. I'm crazy, I know.


Adorable babes, every one!

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I want to show off, too. Here is Jedidiah at 1 week old.

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We all have such beautiful babies!!! luxlove.gif Seriously!!!


Lennon- 2 weeks old



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Here's my little Honeybee~ Felina

The pic of her in the water was taken 5 mins after birth :) She was so alert and really interested in mommy love.gif





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mom2sam--OH THE HAIR!!! LOVE IT!!!


saudade -- Lennon is beautiful! Her cheeks look so kissable!


Tula--love the water pic! Such big beautiful eyes!!!



Beautiful babies everywhere!!!!!  I can barely stand it!

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The first pic is in the bath tub this morning. It took my 4 year old a few tries before he could get one without my skin in it!


The second is Sunday morning all ready for church. There's nothing like a baby in a tie!

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I love how all these brand new babies look so different and obviously have there own personalities.... not that i ever subscribed to the notion that "all babies look like Winston Churchill" anyway, but it's really cool to actually compare :)

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my rosie.  if you wonder why we named her rosebud when it wasn't ever on our list of names... just look at those lips!  
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Originally Posted by tarabelle View Post

my rosie.  if you wonder why we named her rosebud when it wasn't ever on our list of names... just look at those lips!  


OMG you aren't joking.  They are beautiful!  She can model lipstick when she is older.  :)

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Named at last, at 12 days old! She is Etta Katherine Adeline; named for a whole mash-up of women ancestors.
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