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I  may be next, I am only 36 weeks and a couple days, but because of going down hill pretty quick o the high risk thing they are talking induction next week~!

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Woa, next week?! That's so soon! I can't believe we are all getting so close!
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I hope things turn a curve for you Goddess!

Meredith - I know what you mean! I can't believe I'm 35 weeks! As of Sunday, I have officially never been more pregnant!!

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I know that we still have a few hours left, but it looks like my prediction of a new birth by the weekend was wrong - no baby #2 for our DDC yet!


I definitely don't feel like I'm next, even though I'm dying to be done with pregnancy. I can just feel that this baby (and my body) isn't ready yet. I'm still eyeing 4/30 as the day.

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It may be me! I think I just lost my plug (looked different than my normal plug but definitely different than anything else I have experienced!) and if history repeats itself (as in like the last 3 pgs) then baby should be born within 24hrs! But things have been known to change =S
Baby has been very active and that is how some of my other babies broke my water......so who knows!!!!

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Still no baby here! I have read people can lose their plug days-weeks prior...so I am trying not to focus on that...even though with my past history it meant that baby would be born in less than 24 hrs....but that time is only a handful of hours away and still nothing....which is fine. So we are just playing the waiting game! I have noticed today that baby is not as active (yes still moving but not as spry as normal). I know some people say that means that it is soon....but who knows =S

In the mean time I feel great! I have just been taking it easy today =)

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This baby is different than my others too.  With all of them I lost my plug and had them within a couple days.  This time I lost my plug Thursday and nothing except a few episodes of sometimes strong surges but they didn't progress. My plug wasn't blood tinged though and with my others it was...so maybe that's the difference.  Things that make you go hmmm... lol  Trying to keep busy and not worry about it.  Baby will come when he is ready.  :-)

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Originally Posted by shastalily View Post

This baby is different than my others too.  With all of them I lost my plug and had them within a couple days.  This time I lost my plug Thursday and nothing except a few episodes of sometimes strong surges but they didn't progress. My plug wasn't blood tinged though and with my others it was...so maybe that's the difference.  Things that make you go hmmm... lol  Trying to keep busy and not worry about it.  Baby will come when he is ready.  :-)


sounds exactly like my case ...well to a degree =S
last three pgs plug was blood tinged and this one wasn't....last three things were done within 24hrs of losing plug...this one we are approaching 24hrs now =S  So only God knows! Tonight I have been feeling the baby especially low and putting pressure downward. I have felt the occasional tightening ...thankfully nothing painful and they have been completely random.

I thankfully have gotten over the nervousness (thank the Lord!). Today I have been trying to get the last few things done that I need to get done. I am washing up the carseat. I still need to wash up the baby clothes!! 0_o They are not technically dirty, They were stored clean, but haven't been used in years and have either been in a dresser or a rubbermaid. But I would like to rewash them if I have the time =S

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  ME!!!! I am next!
Today there has definitely some things going on!

This morning while laying in bed after getting the kids out the door for school, I was thinking about baby names...not really focused on anything other than that and I suddenly hear a light pop noise coming from down south. It caught me by surprise, There was no gush of water with it but I was laying down so I figured when I got up it would pour out. I laid there for a few minutes longer and then finally got brave enough to get up....and still no water. So I was something wondering if it might have been my back or something that popped...but it sure didn't seem like it. So I got up to start preparing some things. I could feel the baby sliding lower and lower.....not the normal baby pushing itself lower, but the baby was actually quite calm and not moving a lot like normal....it felt like gravity was just pulling baby lower. So I lay back down and then I start to feel some tightening. I didn't time the first few, but eventually decided it would be good to time them .So I checked the clock. The first I timed was 5 min and the next was 4 min and the next was 3 and they continued at 3 for over thirty minutes. I then got up to use the restroom and when I got back into bed, they seemed to take a break for a little less than 10 min. They haven't seemed as continuous since. But I can still feel the baby slipping lower and lower and and I can tell a difference than what I had earlier in the pg as far as contrax because when I feel pressure now I can't just tighten up down south like I could before......I feel so open...like there really is nothing that I can do to prevent. Occasionally I feel a lot of pressure and it feels like my water is getting ready to break.........I haven't gotten into the pool yet...just chillin in bed. I don't want to get into the pool until we are closer.

Thank God nothing has been overly painful and I feel pretty comfortable. I haven't called my mom yet....as per her request. I figure I will wait until this progress more. I just told my hubby that I would assume the baby is born today. I guess it works fine after all, he is off today and even though the two older kids are in school, they will still get to see baby later. So I guess I am fine with today.....although it is my brothers bday ......so they may end up sharing bdays if this is the real deal =S I guess it really doesn't matter THAT much.

So that is the update for me........depending on how things goes depends on if I post more inbetween now and when baby comes.
Currently we are at 2 min....guess I will see if they stay this way or fade off like they did for a little earlier.

I figure if I was upright and not laying down things would progress quicker...but I am currently just resting. I am hungry but kind of hate to eat....dont want to poo in the pool...lol Although in reality it would hrs before the food was thoroughly digested and ready to leave...lol.
I was busy typing this...so I am not sure if that one was 2 or 3......might have just looked at the clock late...but if not then that was 3, Given that the time still hasn't changed...I am gonna guess I happened to look up when the time just changed......so it might have really been 2. 

Ok well I am gonna get off here for now and see if I can catch a nap or something.

I really hope my fil does not do his norm of wanting to take dh out to lunch today.....I already told dh not to make any plans. And hopefully by the time he needs to do what he had planned today...the baby would be here.  yep 2 min....I am outie...talk to you all later

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Good luck BlessedOne!!



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So awesome Blessed One!!

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So exciting!  Keep us posted!! :D

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Good luck!

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does anyone know how to create a sticky for a birth announcements thread?  I'd do it myself if i could figure it out! eyesroll.gif


Feels like we may have 3 or 4 new babies by tomorrow -- seems like it's time for a thread for birth announcements. joy.gif

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Good luck, Blessed One!  I hope you are soon holding baby in your arms.

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Good Luck!!!!!!
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I have no idea how to sticky stuff. I dont think there is a way in social groups :( You can make the thread Rozzie and just bump it.

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I made a thread. I hope its ok with everyone!

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Still waiting =(
I have been in bed all day and sleeping when I could.....so I think that caused things to take longer. So I finally decided to be more upright and I can tell that is causing things to speed up.
No doubt about it, this is the real deal! I have been doing great with the contrax.....thankfully they have been less intense than my last 3 pgs. They remind me of my first pg. This whole process reminds me of my 1st pg to be honest. My water still hasn't broke despite hearing the pop this morning. I am wonder if the baby is just so low that it blocks it.....although I would assume that even with that I would leak at least some. But I know with my first they said my water would not have broken on its own because the baby was "in front of the water". So they broke my water and immediately she started coming. With my third after hours of contrax not breaking my water, I finally pushed until my water broke. I am getting tempted to do that with this one. I am on 5 and a half hrs of contrax....although none of them too horrible to handle.....I just try my best to breath through them. I would start trying to push but I am currently home with just my two younger kids. My mom is supposed to be here later (I finally called her.....I told her no rush....so who knows when she will show up). Dh left to go do the things he "needed" to do (men *rolls eyes*) I guess he thinks because I am not screaming and crying (which I never do during delivery) that he doesn't need to be around. Now yes, I don't need him for anything other than support and to be my personal slave...but it is still nice to at least have him at the house. I don't really want to push this baby out without anyone here within yelling distance, incase I need something.
He still plans to be gone tonight......so it wouldn't surprise me if he misses the birth unless the baby is born in the next couple of hrs before he leaves. It kind of bothers me, but I know it doesn't matter to him.....so I try not to let it matter to me. I am just irritated at the person that scheduled him without back up this close to my due date. And he is not the type to dodge out on his responsibilities no matter the situation. Oh well....life goes on....

I will try to keep you guys posted.

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BlessedOne- mama in her birthing time gets to say "honey, you need to stay here with me tonight"  Seriously, it's a time when you GET to be selfish.  Tell him you need him.  


Good luck and happy peaceful birthing!

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