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We have been doing part time EC since our daughter was 8m old, and now that she is older, I guess we are really just doing early PT now.  She understands the words/signs for everything (and sometimes uses them herself, but after instead of before the fact), and sometimes uses the potty, although only when we put her on it.  I'd like to start getting her some training pants, especially since my MIL who watches her during the day won't really do any EC or PT because she is not comfortable with diaper free time, and I thought that using some cloth training pants might be a good compromise, and help our DD to feel that things are a bit more consistent (she gets a lot of diaper free time at our house).  I've tried looking at cloth trainers, and am a bit overwhelmed, especially since so many of them seem to be geared to kids who are 2-4 years old (or bigger!).  Our DD is tall for her size, so she often wears 2T clothes for the length, particularly in the legs and arms, but is actually pretty skinny and can fit into 12m clothes for the width, so this also worries me when I look at buying trainers.  It's been a few months since she has been weighed/measured, but I would guess that she might be around 22-24lbs and 31in?  I was looking at all the good reviews for super undies pocket trainers, but I'm afraid that even the small size might be too big for us...


We also currently have a cloth diaper service, and don't have a washer in the apartment; the service will wash liners that we purchase ourselves along with the cloth diapers, but not covers or other more complicated things.  We otherwise do laundry ourselves just once per week. 


Does anyone have any particularly good recommendations for something that might work for us?  Any other advice about how to pick a good cloth training pant?