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hi everyone.

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this site but not new to natural parenting.  I have two toddler girls both who I used Cloth diapers, Wore them, co-slept, Bf'd and all of that other fun stuff. I'm now pregnant with number three and due in Oct/Nov. I'm looking forward to getting in with a group of people that think like me. I live in the middle of the bible belt where most minds are closed and a lot of my parenting stuff is questioned. I don't even do anything crazy. Just what comes naturally to me but it's not what everyone around me does so therefore I'm odd. (in their eyes anyway.) In my eyes they put way to much work into parenting. lol. I look forward to getting familiar with this board and getting to know some people.

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Mothering.com is a fantastic place.

Up the top is a "groups" tab where you will be able to find your due date club and join in with other women in similar positions!!

There are so many different forum etc to help you out with anything you can possibly think of!! I love it!


I hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy!!

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welcome!  i am expecting my third in Nov as well. :)  this is a great group!

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